Love or pizza?

A movie and cheese pizza and then cry when I’m doing my abdominal routine is my plan for this February 14.

The day of “love and friendship” the red and white color makes its appearance. The special date of that day is not something special for me since in my opinion it is more commercial than anything else.

The gifts the details of a person towards you and sincere can arise at any time since you enjoy it more because it is not something you expect is surprise!

It’s such a false smile to go out to a restaurant that day or anywhere and see sweet and romantic people and you there with your hamburger while your whole life goes through your head.

I remember last year it happened to me just like that, eating a huge hamburger while watching couples smiling and opening presents and me there having a guilty orgasm with that hamburger.

There are sad days related to that of love you choose how you want to be and your moment will arrive that unhurried moment that is not even planned and when you are there you will smile and be able to hug someone very strong.

Cool thoughts are those that occur when your mind is calm when you do not get complicated when you only think of yourself and everything you want to do.

It relaxes me a lot when I’m alone at home and I’m hungry. I go to the kitchen to find a recipe, I play music and I start to cook quietly.

Loneliness is an art I have discovered and it is that you learn so much from it, it is like your mental space to think and act.

The philosophy should be present in all humans own philosophy to reflect on everything we do before and after that would make us sprout all those seeds that we have inside and let grow those green branches stuck to that leafy and strong trunk.

Short and painful loves are an exquisite kind of feeling you can experience the delight of youth.

I want to order more ideas that come up new and experience exploring and giving my own answers I want a whole philosophy for my life created by memories.

I am a soul thirsty for life as I write from a chair where reality seems like an old and boring tape that repeats itself.

I’m also sick of this. The day of love and friendship, will it be happy for you?

Or we go back to the hamburger or pizza just that day to be happy? And try not to cry with the abdominal routine

What do you say?



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