Red, Garments, Colors and Fashion

The color red is one of my favorites although I want to be honest with respect to that since I think that human beings can not have something favorite.

Because the favorite repeats itself and repeats itself and when it repeats itself a lot, it gets boring. That is why when I like something a lot I try to make use of it sporadically.

Returning to the red and thinking about the clothes the art of dressing I wanted to look for some sets that seem to me so colorful and alive looks that we could wear any day especially in summer or spring where the sunny days make their brilliant appearance.

It is very difficult for many of us to think about where we want to go well dressed or create the art of assembling sets of clothes since sometimes we think that we should only dress well for a special occasion.

The fashion or the taste of collecting and then arming goes beyond something to wear to look good, clothes style itself is a way that characterizes us that seeks to get out of our inner being of our imagination connected to our personality.

Creativity in whatever it is that spreads will always be like a lot of beautiful artificial games that shine and observers enjoy.

Your own style is not something you look for in magazines and copies, your own style is all you are getting to know what you like, what you create the inspiration that is born and creates something better.

A special occasion, no, it’s just that moment where you can go out and shine, the special occasion is every day you breathe and it does not matter if you are afraid that that shirt does not match with those jeans or if you think that people will think that you You will see “ridiculous” with those colorful clothes the timid people who are always thinking about what others will think, they go so far as to lose great opportunities that would change their lives due to shyness and that is what a newspaper publishes. Here is the phrase

Shyness often ruins opportunities. Shy people tend to overlook things that could have changed their lives.


When I read that phrase it stayed in my mind and made me reflect and it is a true phrase since shyness represses us and leads us to look only for a comfort zone where we seek to feel safe and without surprises.

But the real change arises or will arise for brave people who dare to be what they want to be, to create to try people who adhere to trial and error until they find enough confidence to establish a personality from within.

Going back to what fashion is for me is related to all that fashion or that you like fashion is not that you go to all the fashion shows in your country or abroad fashion is not about appearance only.

Fashion is something that shines with its own light without making an intentional scandal.

Many times we do not understand the art created by other people but when we see it causes surprise because something different is something that revolutionizes and leaves behind things that we think would not have competition.

Culture is something created from the diversity of what is born in each person from what transcends what remains and evolves without losing its initial point without losing its essence.

I read an article once from someone who called all the companies that created clothes because these companies affected the environment a lot and this created a chain that killed the world more.

After reading that I could only think about how badly organized the world is, human beings are an incredible creation dependent on our habitat and we ignore conserving our human heritage.

We could continue to create those ideas, companies could continue to create whatever they offer but they could already begin to see more art as art and not just produce the ideas of others to earn money.

Alternatives exist and arts such as fashion have the main idea of ​​expressing without saying a single word, but art will never be a bad thing, unfortunately it becomes a bad name when it seeks to reach all people and way of reproduction is not adequate.

We also ignore that because a single person can not make the change, but we can raise our voice and let us know that we are aware of the problem because we can not enjoy that kind of art without thinking about the background of that garment.

We could make our own struggle and free the art of fashion where it is no longer being created as something to only earn money but something that can reach anywhere in the right way where the environment is respected.

Fashion ideas are not in decline as I am sure that many people out there have fantastic ideas but do not have the support to reach more people.

Lately all the art does not seek to be supported as something that will enrich the different cultures but those who support and spread this only seek to earn money do not speak in general of all companies or “talent scouts” but if most of these people only seek to monetize and bet on what is already known.

Things are no longer the same as before when everything that was created sought to revolutionize changing ideas, demonstrating the multiple options and inspiring them to create more.

The different types of arts the world itself of technology was stranded somewhere and when it comes out or tries to leave the ideas that arise are ideas that contribute nothing or respect what it means to “evolve” for good.

But there is something we can do about this, and it is to let our own ideas come out even if the world seems not to care. We can decide not to betray our personality and let it spread and in that way respect our own world that exists within us.

photographs taken from pinterest


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