My recent history

I thought long before sharing this story what happened a few days ago in my life. But we can help strangers in case one day they have to go through a sad and hurtful situation and I really hope that no one will go through something similar to what I happened or was about to happen.

I want to reaffirm the theory or phrase which is “there are many bad people out there” and it is even worse nowadays and it hurts that there are people so sick and bad.

I am not a model, I like the photographs I like to take photographs are moments of moments that do not return and can capture whatever you want.

For me, the question of “modeling” is the opportunity or the art portrayal of the designs of creative minds and that fashion is part of a genuine personality and young a healthy person.

In my country it is clear that people aspiring to models or models (the majority) do not know what that means, they associate modeling here, with fame a really “funny” fame.

Here any person can be a model and it is crazy but here no image of any brand of clothing is paid to lend their image, here that is a cheap joke (in my country)

I’m not going to write about that, because it’s not the purpose to write something that has no relevance.

I have never wanted to enter that type of image here because of the explanation I already wrote, but I like the photographs I love to see photos on Instagram that art is one of my favorites.

I had never accepted someone to take pictures of me because here you can not find someone who really likes photography and is passionate about someone who really has the gift and not just a camera that takes pictures.

Last year I met a man at the university, apparently he was doing a kind of campaign for his Facebook page and I wrote down to like him and share his page.

That person wrote down the numbers of the participants and it seemed normal, that happened in December and I had forgotten that part.

Until a few days ago, that guy contacted me on WhatsApp and told me that his company wanted a new portfolio of photographs and that he wanted me to take the photos. Bone was the “model” I asked for my Instagram and I gave my user to look for me .

This man after seeing my Instagram began to tell me that he had a great naturalness and that I was what they were looking for.

I thought as in other times in denying that but I had the idea after wanting to do it because he apparently was Italian and then you have the idea that in European countries that kind of art is alive and the people who do that do it They are honestly passionate.

I told him yes and he told me that he wanted to take some pictures in a bathing suit, so I said yes, because it seemed normal, then I told him that if he could take someone to accompany me during the session, he answered not.

This person said that it would be very uncomfortable for me to take someone when he told me that I started to feel insecure and I immediately told him to look for someone else.

When he answered that, he told me no, that it was okay if he took another person to accompany me and that he only asked that person to be retired so that I would not be distracted.

We agreed on the day and time. As the day approached he wrote me to confirm two days before and he told me if we could take pictures “after dressing” since he had seen my pictures on Instagram and apparently I had a lot of confidence with my body when taking pictures inside.

Then he sent me some examples of girls in photographs in underwear, I started to think and my reaction was not to get angry because I trusted that he was a professional.

I answered her message saying “no, I would feel comfortable so better only the pictures in swimsuits” and he replied “bring a short dress to the leg, and makeup and heels”

After reading that message I felt very bad I felt like hitting that guy I felt an inner courage, he is an older person as he dares to talk to me like that.

After reading that message, I answered “I’m not interested in doing this, get someone else bye bye” and block it.

How is it possible that there are people as sick as him? With what purpose do you seek to harass a woman in this way? The world is so dirty for people like this man.

The fact that I post photos in Instagram in swimsuit or pictures of my body in a “sexy” way does not mean that I am a woman who is kind of people can dare to offer things like that.

And you know what is the worst part? That this gentleman says the same thing to other naive young women, and they thinking that they will be models or take them to the estrellato fall and this twisted person abuse or do things that can hurt them irremediably.

We are exposed to all kinds of danger sometimes we trust our judgment or people who do not, we can detect the patterns that these people follow to get closer and hurt us.

There are many false people out there people willing to do everything to get what their dirty minds want, we have to be so cautious.

Our life, our breathing life is so fragile, our soul is more fragile and is exposed to everything, life really forces us to teach us to live it.

We have to be careful people to be alert and trust what that inner voice tells us because that inner voice always alerts us when something is not right.

If something similar happens to you, try to find out about that person before, that’s what I did and I discovered that nobody in the middle knew him, I discovered that he is not even Italian.

Dreams are beautiful and dangerous, do not make decisions lightly and take care to take all precautions and if you are going to take a step do it safely and if you are going to risk a decision thinking that it will be a good thing for you, try always take all the precautions due to have your insurance that insurance that is what your inner voice tells you.



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