Run away from here

The world is huge it’s great I see many pictures during the day from different places and I just want to close my eyes and appear there.

We want so much to go out and know how to lose ourselves in our world, to lose ourselves of everything that makes us unhappy.


I think how much power has desire has an incredible power the imagination. It makes me want to run away without taking precautions without thinking that something will go wrong.

I keep wondering why do we forget that one day we will die? I know it would be miserable to think about that because they’ve made us believe that.

I think that if we thought that way we would fulfill and make faster everything we want to do, we would look for a way to fill all of our gaps and make us feel that vibrant flame within us that lights up when you get excited.

The truth makes us free that I have it in mind even though it is difficult to break our rock wall, which we think will keep us safe.

When we are so young we think of looking for someone who calms us down to make us feel more protected.

We make so many mistakes when we want to quickly fill a gap. We know people every day and they have made us think things have made us want to make them part of our lives no matter that people are completely lost people who do not have something to let us know “that they have a sense of life”

Some people look for a relationship with others just looking for beauty thinking that they are young and that after having fun they will find the right person

What the hell is wrong with these people? Because we waste so much time and we wrap ourselves in something toxic that kills us that takes us away more and more from real desire.

You choose how to lead your life but think about the following: you can not drive a car without knowing where you want to go? Thinking that the future will be better than tomorrow is another day and then you will make a new start. That makes no sense we make life meaningless and when we see that there is no way out we settle for so little.

Youth should determine how you will be tomorrow. The present should be a generator of changes of all you think up to this moment.

Your image is so valuable and not the image that you want others to have of you I speak of the image that you yourself have about your own person not to betray yourself.

I am also afraid of my desires, I am very afraid that they will not be fulfilled, I am afraid to trust and be disappointed.

I am still very afraid of meeting people that seem incredible and the background demonstrates a shameless scam.

But nobody can control that and all we can do is manage and make good changes to our own lives.

I still do not understand many young people who use drugs who get drunk every weekend and think that’s cool? Just for following a really stupid pattern and without valid arguments or with any sense.

The experiences are incredible the desire to experience is a true beauty. I want to think about what there is better than bad things to experience.


I could tell you now that we live life without rules without limitations that we seek to give us what we want at any price. But I’m not going to say or to think that because life will always invoice us at some point, and easy and safe things do not exist.

I am so young now and I have the vibrant desire to keep dreaming and being able to give me everything I deserve because we deserve the world.

I believe in the inner spirit I think that spirit can fly away and be happy.

I hate the power of the routine of deceiving ourselves and making us believe that we do not need anything else the power it has to repress and hide our true desires.

Life would be so practical and effective if we learned to say “no” when it is not. And to say “Next” when someone or something does not suit us.

I try to build my own philosophy of life to follow it to be a good person and to get away from running away from what has no salvation as being people who do not contribute anything good to our lives.

Social exchanges are not interested, are methods that you should unconsciously do to give and receive that means “learn from people and you contribute something for people to learn from you.

Loneliness alarms us and disturbs us the only real thing that we often want is to run into someone’s arms regardless of whether this person hurts us. But when we manage to have clear ideas and self-love we think twice before making any decision.

I want to never forget my own ideas. My philosophy in development

Photograph taken from pinterest



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