Face without makeup

Makeup is an art positively transforms faces and makes you shine and is such a brightness that you become addicted to this type of shine and creates a type of need which you can not leave.

That happens to many women because the makeup creates a confidence and at the same time a low self-esteem in women think they have to walk makeup every day to continue with their appearance that has given them makeup.

I like to see photos on Instagram of women with different makeup styles and I love the shine that makeup brings out on people.

I do not use makeup maybe once every three months when I want to highlight some type of clothing.

I’m not against makeup as I just mentioned makeup is an art and people who can shape their face with this is spectacular.

What I do not like about makeup is the distrust it creates in women, because when someone sees them without them, they immediately mention that they recognized them.

When you listen to it, a dependency is created and you think that if you stop using it, you will be fatal.

The chemicals that make up the makeup are so toxic that they do not let your pores breathe, and when this happens, acne is present more often and that’s where you take off your makeup and unconsciously think that you look bad without it, And what you do not know is that those spots and that acne appears because of the clogging of the pores.

The skin of the face is the most delicate because of its thinness, the skin layer of different areas of our body are different and if we do not take good care of them, they are subject to spots and to all kinds of skin diseases.

The detoxification of the skin of the face takes time but when it is completely achieved and you will stop using makeup every day and leave it as an option to highlight the days you want to have that kind of shine.

The markets that offer makeup take out types of “natural” or hypoallergenic make-up but that does not mean that your face will not suffer damages since the makeup always has a chemical process that is toxic to the skin.

The damage you will be doing to your skin will increase to such an extent that you will not be able to leave without makeup. It is better that you act now and begin to leave it as an option that you will use from time to time and not as something necessary every day.

What I do with my face is the following: I use natural soap to wash my face in the morning, it can be any type of soap that does not have preservatives and that is natural.

The preservatives are those that minimize the deterioration making prologar any product beyond its natural cycle.

Natural soaps are not so difficult to find since at least in my country I see more and more micro entrepreneurs opening their natural products business.

I have used all kinds of natural lavender soap, oatmeal, coffee, coconut, rosehip, and there is no one better than another in a matter of plant since they have all worked for me because they are natural products.

After washing my face I always put sunscreen, now for example I am using a coconut soap in the morning with which I wash my face and then I apply coconut cream with sunscreen.

I applied cocoa butter to my lips and I drink a lot of water so my skin is hydrated.

When you decide to detoxify your face it will be an excellent decision that you will never regret. It will be a process that will take time. You have to persevere and achieve it.

Maybe there are days when you think you need to put on make-up because naturally you do not light up as you would like, but when you feel that, kill that impulse and leave without makeup. Try to spend more time without makeup and do not forget to wash your face with a natural soap of your choice twice. the day before sleep and when you wake up after sunscreen or a natural cream that contains sunscreen.

You can do it! Natural will always be better because it is your own self


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