We humans are insane think of cause and effect and still decide not to reason because when we are young and free for our delicious youth we do not care about the reason and what they set the standards in a rotten society.

The life of the earth vanishes day after day for sure it would die many years later than us, and we are here ignoring everything again and seek to keep afloat to the “safe”

I die because you possess me but the float again assures me that the waves will not be so aggressive to me, and I am a human with much fear and I am looking for that red float with white.

People die day to day and day to day many people realize how old they are and that is where they blame themselves and when they see death closer and closer they ask themselves why I did not do what I wanted do? Why did not I take that risky step? Why? Why?

I love the person that I am and it is not a cheap or bad narcissism. It is something as sensitive. I remember each day that I own my own life and I never want to forget it.

The voices out there in my surroundings call me a rare kind of non-exotic rarity but for them a kind of rarity that they use for criticism.

I do not know who these people are but surely their light went out many, many years ago. Or the light never existed for them

Depression comes when reality is seen completely naked, and we think that we can not do anything but I could realize that we can do something by deciding to live.

There are days when my dark circles are bigger than my face I decided to ignore it, apply natural soap and natural cream.

The outer beauty does not make sense the interior can also get to be horrible or be able to be like a bird and fly very far and not return to the miserable place that depresses.

I’m also tired of being here and seeing how the lights move farther away I want those sensations where I feel burning.

I want to burn with you and forget what reason is for. It is not the sensitive and destructible love is something like closing your eyes and imagine feeling a while and then open them and smile.

We need so much to feel because that’s what makes us live, I like the songs of the Californian band called The Neighborhood I’ve put my headphones at full volume and I’ve heard a thousand times “The Beach”

It makes me remember when I want to live and as time does not stop even a single second kills us takes our lives and we continue without realizing



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