My theory of love

My theory of “falling in love” “your soul mate” “the only true love”

This is a topic that I try not to write about because it is something deep and profound that I find it hard to let out. It’s like my best kept secret.

But I want to share my theory of love with my readers. What does love mean to me? Do I believe that there is love? As?

Before answering these questions I want to write a little about what “love” means between a woman and a man for me.

Love is the happy, depressing, exciting feeling, it is the one that makes you navigate in the imagination next to that person and see you there what your life together would be like in the future, even if it is not at all safe you just smile and imagine everything.

We know people very often some do not have a single bit of impact on us and others make us feel everything I love that feeling.

The feeling in which you feel in the highest cloud just to see that person, that feeling does not make you feel the “love of your life” that feeling will make you feel many people. A man will have that sensation many times he will think that she is the one indicated and then he will feel that sensation for someone else and it will be a chain that repeats itself.

A woman also happens the same thing she will feel that way many times for a new man that she has just met and that man likes, but that does not mean that man is the love of your life.

Does it exist to fall in love? Yes, it exists but it is temporary, how?

Do you like the series? Have you ever wondered why your favorite series that you liked a lot, and had a great impact and profits for its producers because that series no longer has new seasons? Why did it have to end if it was so famous?

The producers of the series when this series reaches success producers and actors earn millions of dollars. But as famous as the series may not stay forever. Why? Because if so, your viewers would be bored and would not want to see that series anymore.

If you remove that television series at its highest point of fame, then this will create an effect in which the series will be memorable and regardless of the years people will repeat the episodes an example is the series of “Friends” was so famous that it It became a classic that we can enjoy on platforms like Netflix.

True love is like series, they can not last forever. Why? Suppose you know the “woman of your dreams” as soon as you know that woman puts you on your head, you want to be with her, you think that you can not let her go because it is your true love after that you make the decision to marry her.

After marrying her she spends time every day to this person, there are fights, sex is not like before, children responsibilities and everything that leads to having a family makes you think why do not you feel the same as when did you meet her? Do you wonder why you feel it was not your true love?

After asking yourself that you realize or think that you would be better with that new woman you met, you divorce and then you marry that new woman, and as time goes by you come back and feel the same or even worse about how you were in your old relationship . And when that happens, you think that true love never existed for you or that it does not exist for anyone.

What would happen if with that woman you met and made you think it was your true love you would have had only a short relationship? And that short relationship would have ended because maybe something separated them and they loved each other but they could not be together. What’s going on here? Your mind creates and idealizes that adventure or that moment with it in your life and makes you think that it was your true love, because when you remember it you think about how perfect it was to be with that person and how you would have liked to have stayed with that person and that memory becomes memorable and you think she was the love of your life.

When in reality it was only something temporary that did not give him time to become a marriage or a serious union. In which in time you would have asked the same questions or all that magic would be over.

True love or being crazy for someone does not exist forever. The only thing that exists for two people is a series of stages in which they learn to truly love and be together forever. Only if they overcome all those stages and manage to find peace with each other and create a healthy coexistence and a type of deep happiness.

And it is obvious that this theory is the same as what happens for a woman as it happens in the life of a man. That’s what I think and I wanted to share.

That is my theory of love


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