Coffee and Sugar

Exercise is what is needed for a different part of happiness that makes you feel healthy and feel prepared to eat the world.

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When we exercise and our body sweats a lot it makes us feel completely wet and satisfied having completed our routine.

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The body sweats a lot and when that happens layers of dead cells are made on our skin that do not go away at all with a shower and when this happens we notice spots on our skin and even the skin on the back is the most affected.

The other day I was in a towel ready to go for a bath after exercising and of course wait a while for my body to cool down.

While looking at me in a naked mirror I noticed that I had many acne-like spots on my back like when the pores are blocked by sweat. When I noticed that, I felt very bad and I was wondering why my back was that way? Yes, I’ve never seen anything like it on my skin.

Then I thought that it could be that it did not clean well that area because when you take a shower the skin on your back is very difficult to clean for you alone.

I came up with an idea and prepared a homemade scrub and told someone to massage my back with the exfoliant and then I noticed that my back looked cleaner but not the way I wanted to.

Photograph taken from pinterest

But today I am completely delighted that I am exfoliating my skin once a month but today I changed the recipe and grabbed coffee coffee pulp from the coffee machine and mixed it with refined sugar!

Photograph taken from pinterest

I got into the shower and started exfoliating my skin with massage I put on acoustic music and started rubbing and rubbing every part of my skin, I took time and then I told that same person to rub my back after a while doing massages on the skin let warm water fall until the coffee was removed from my skin.

Photograph taken from pinterest

Change the water to very cold and let it fall all over my body then dry me with a towel.

When I started to dry I noticed the change I needed my skin was completely soft and smooth I feel my skin beautiful and my back is a delight of softness and completely clean stains.

I highly recommend you do this when you leave the shower after exfoliating your skin do not apply moisturizer since with coffee it is more than enough to do this once every 15 days so that your skin will always be wonderful.

Photograph taken from pinterest

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