We want to fly all the time that our monsters that invade our mind disappear. Life can not be more difficult in some occasions and so confusing when we already thought we had a meaning.

Our wrong actions always have consequences and our mind is paralyzed when we fail and we do not know when we will be ready to continue

It is so hateful to feel so scared at times and to know that life does not stop life is not paralyzed as we life kept killing us every second.

We are so fragile so exposed to a world that it can be something incredible or something horrible according to our actions but in any way, time treats us all the same.

Photograph taken from Pinterest

I remembered how I hated many things from my childhood and now I miss being in that moment where I did not know or care that I had to find a meaning.

The future has not yet disappointed my decisions apparently keep me afloat although sometimes a hostile environment is breathed

Time continued running at full speed but his method is the same and I still feel that way because I do not feel the phrase “every day you learn something new” apparently learn new things that make us feel the time.

Should I go to Facebook and watch crazy videos? And learning or entering any place on the internet but that is not learning, what makes us learn are new experiences but the site here does not seem to be exciting.

Imagination is the only place now where I am flying high all the time there remains the unbroken desire for pure freedom.

It is frustrating the desire to meet incredible people incredible people also do not seem to be close to knowing.

My social life does not exist because I do not know people from whom I can learn and have the opportunity to have incredible experiences.

I have acquaintances whom I see occasionally to kill time and not be alone I can not call them friends because for me friendship is a profound concept.

My personality does not want to be quiet. It wants to continue expanding and that is why it is happy that the imagination exists so that I can have my own theories based on my own life.

The lights with extraordinary colors when the sun is about to hide are incredible the horizon always seems interesting although you think you have an idea of ​​how it would be since the situations will always be different for everyone even if they have the same scenario.

Photograph taken from pinterest

I think that if life is over and it is not necessary to maintain a hypocritical life, why insist so much on perfection and the desire to be impeccable all the time? Why not risk all the time?

That is my new theory to wrap myself up with the things that make me happy and set goals in which I can create a discipline because I know that it will make me happier in the unexplored long term the main idea will be strengthening it every day and my fragility will remain intact but I will not disappear.

Photograph taken from Pinterest

The strength is in our interior that where we are able to act and make happen the things that our mind imagines in this life we ​​should do the things that make sense for us and not, the things that make sense for society.

I need to learn new things that mark me that make me feel that a year is a long time I need memories because those feed the soul when it is believed to have lost its meaning.

Seeing a classic series that I had never seen in netflix seems to be my type of happiness now the happiness of many other people apparently.

I still want to go away from here I want to think that I am working on it now I think that people should be nomads we should be changing places all the time learning new cultures and feel live like this.

Photograph taken from Pinterest

Share life with someone should not be boring and routine should be even better but we do not know how to handle when we find someone we usually miss the desire for loneliness.

Photograph taken from pinterest

That situation is given to us because we have not learned how to handle the extraordinary that it can be to have someone with whom to discover new things.

To be changing places and find the thread to how you live in that place a completely different place completely away from home.

Sometimes I think that if we can never learn to manage a relationship with someone we should stay alone

Depend on our own feelings and not matter if they are changing as they are our feelings lately I have considered not wanting to be with someone forever

Because people most of the time disappoint us and feel even worse when you built a tall tower where you thought you put the person that seemed right and lately is making me wake up in a scenario that does not seem happy.

The only thing alive inside of me now in the only thing that I really believe is in everything I am and what I want to be that is my only high tower and I am there.

Does anyone here find it interesting to become nomads?

Modern nomads.

Photograph taken from pinterest



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