The light and the window

On occasions like today it makes me want to shout and give thanks for living for the incredible opportunity of being able to see the sun and the trees through my window.

The world is really scary I have sometimes felt trapped in situations in which I think I will never be able to leave but after you always manage to get well again it is a matter of learning to be patient and know how to react to any situation.

I think I’ve always had the feeling that something incredible has to happen to me even if it’s just situations in my mind that run all the time.

We are not good people, we are not always bad people, the only thing we do is try to learn to manage our life and seek happiness all the time, even if it is so fleeting. We will never tire of looking for it. We should never tire of looking for it.

I think of that forest with leafy trees and an innocent river running in the middle of that gigantic forest where it makes a climate that has no color only a passing breeze and that clings to the skin I like to imagine myself there trying to find calm.

You should not need a person to be able to feel safe and loved because when it is like that it is only a temporary issue that fills us with insecurity.

The reality should be other the answers should be in our spirit but inevitably we look for someone who makes us feel that all our holes are full.

There are days when I like to live and there are others in which everything loses its meaning again and I look for an answer that makes me feel that it is still worth finding the flavor of life.

I think we all go through depressive stages although we do not know how we feel it and really depression is a slow poison that kills the spirit of dreams, of life.

the people around us are too hurtful their words or their perception towards us is almost destructive all the time and it is not a real perception the real perception is our actions the way our consciousness feels.

The world is full of people with functioning and similar characteristics to us we are like fish that do the same but we have something that makes us a different color and when we feel that color we have to let it shine regardless of the color or intensity of the Light that is.

I know that the stage scares us I know we have that fear that everything will go wrong and leave us still and disappointed, but life is not about trying once life is about trying again and again to get up without the armor and Run back to the battle until you achieve it.

We must make it happen everything that our soul desires if we want to run into the arms of someone who makes us feel as if our interior exploits an uncountable emotion we must be filled with that emotion.

I know that sometimes we become dramatic and we even think we become owners or it drives us crazy that a person is going to hurt or lie to us.

But many times we have to know that things are not as they seem, that someone can be even brighter than we think or someone we do not want to want to see again.

I think we should not make expectations of anything and nobody should let us surprise

A clear example was last year since in that year I planned a trip to another country from the beginning of the year to a concert of one of my favorite bands.

I was really excited since I had never attended a concert and this group is really good and it is art before becoming commercial.

The date arrived and during the trip I was listening to his repertoire of songs I was really happy and I felt it would be the best trip of my life.

After long hours we arrived at the hotel and the bus was parked when someone who was accompanying us on the trip told us that the band had just posted on Twitter that the concert was canceled.

My immediate reaction was that I could not believe it and in fact I was sure it was a joke on that guy’s part, so I investigated and it was indeed true.

The band had canceled the concert and had moved it to another date for next year at that time I felt very disappointed.

My expectations went down and nothing that I had planned came out as expected, in the end it was a nice trip because we stayed the same planned days only that we did really different things than we thought we would do.

That situation is my lesson and now I do not expect any travel or anything or anyone to try to stay neutral and positive.

I think that concentrating on our own activities, our own course should be a priority, we ourselves should be a priority all the time.


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