Copan Ruinas, Honduras (English)

I have been away from home for a few days, the expectations I had before coming were not fulfilled but they left me with a picturesque flavor.What short is the life that short moments are and what our crazy decisions matter, I still think that as long as we do not hurt someone directly, everything will be fine.

The days away from the city have been interesting I have seen the culture of this town and the people having a quiet life.A quiet life here in this town can be translated into having a place to live, to have food and to have a job and a family to share with.

It gives me a bit of sadness to see how those who owned these lands, owners of their own language culture, owners and lovers of their own roots, are now only an attraction for tourists.It saddens me to remember to imagine what history was like in the past, how they can strip you of what it has cost you to create and find stability and have your own identity.

This site is remembered as a magical place full of stories and a life very different from what is currently known.I feel a deep and sporadic love for people who are good, who are humble hardworking and honest people, believe me, I try every day to be a good person.

Going back to how I feel on this site, I can say that I like it for being a quiet place that still retains some of its culture.The gastronomy here is a delight different dishes, flavors but without a doubt the most famous here with the pupusas that here are called “empanadas” are tortillas with different ingredients inside that they have to try !!!


When we think of vacations, we think of a beach of white sand and icy coconut water. I love the beach, it’s my happy place.But when there are seasons in which everyone has vacations, I think of going away from the city to a quiet town with a lot of history.

Because imagination flies and flies away, and thinking I have imagined the past in colonial places is a delight for my imagination, because it feeds my spirit.When you visit this place, make sure you look for a good budget accommodation and look for restaurant options as the prices vary and you can eat delicious anywhere at a low price depending on where you choose the excellent thing is that you will have several options if you do not let guide for the first.

I am going to share here some photographs that I take of this small town but with a lot of history and culture.



the living nature



The butterfly


beautiful red bird

2018-03-30 17:32:03.020-5

The house of tea and chocolate





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