A tree

I saw it when I returned from a long trip of a long trip of six hours, it was a tree a single tree was in the middle of a whole landscape of green grass reminded me a lot of the cover of a song that I have heard many times gave me hope was the fuel to keep rolling the movie that increases scenes in my life.

I like to live I felt it in that moment, I thought about your face and how exciting it would be to meet you and that our minds connect in a journey of which there is no return I continue to wait for you every day you do not know how I still believe in you and in As high as you promise to fly, the wait burns and I do not want to cut the wing buds because the road continues to hurt you I promise that as soon as I have you I’ll hug you and I’ll never let you go I promise to take you everywhere and look at you even if you do not have a physical state although you only feel my alama as green leaves coming out and leaving my body aside.

I want to be in that moment where I reaffirm the phrase everything happens for something, make me feel I am dying for that all the time, when I fail I usually like that it means that my wings will continue to grow but when I am in that void where the mountains just the fog I’m afraid, to fall into a void where literally there is nothing but certain death

Life does not continue to feel safe now feels real the reality of which I have tried to flee, because I can not skip everything and have you already because you make the wait fill me with doubts and make me desist from loving you to want to feel like scales My inner self that you are somewhere I’m imagining a future that eventually fades away then why should we make plans? when it is supposed to be a reality that is exciting.

When was it that I grew up? when it was that the system kept me so close. You should send me to someone who anesthetizes me to stop the time I thought I had known you but you wanted to flee in some way I think I need to feel alive again in that world where only you and me are. I no longer want to keep going down my security steps maybe and I need you to look for me all the time that you make it a reality for both of us

I had to close some windows I had to force my mind to forget many things that I thought I never wanted to forget, I still do not understand happiness because some happy moments that I had had turned into something very different from what I remembered them are no longer happy memories I keep wishing I wanted to be alone, I keep thinking about the idea of ​​staying alone but for some strange reason I’m always looking unconsciously I’m always in need of that cheap anesthesia only makes me disappointed but I still want you to keep looking for me.

The past seems like yesterday and it is not that it is something literal, it is about how I do not even feel the time, only when something manages to impress me and I swear that does not happen every day, and I must confess that when it happens I run until I can have a bit of that but it hurts when I have to let it go and it’s there in that part where I am a bad person and I walk away as if it never would have mattered, as if I had never been surprised I just stopped feeling it, and maybe I fight A bit to feel the same again but it’s impossible.

This absurd reality is a complete rubbish but I still have the hopes of being able to find you maybe you are there looking at me from a peak and encouraging me to continue, my alama feels that way when something happens that continues to drive me and again I decide to continue believing with intensity the light turns on again with much more strength, that light has never been extinguished but its brightness is lost when I come back out of hand.

No doubt there are windows that can never close because when I remember they are there they make me smile and even though the wind that came in was so aggressive, I could never forget you could never forget how it feels to want to decipher what could have been if I had stayed more time.

I am writing this to all my crazy plans, to my dreams that navigate in my mind that are the only ones that I would never want to leave me what I want to achieve with them is that they are fulfilled and stay forever as they continue to flourish new ideas new dreams Run away from behind them until you catch them.

The fog had never covered the whole landscape I was afraid that this happened and it happened now I can breathe and throw myself believing in me, maybe it’s a blue ocean from which I can get naked running to reach the shore and have survived.

Even I believe that I have salvation all my interior needs to continue to leave until finding that meadow that belongs to me where no one can destroy it and can only keep growing up.


Photograph taken from pinterest



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