The passenger green landscape

I am in a lake of an almost green color is the reflection of the trees I am naked in that lake feeling terrified but the breeze of the trees is calming my skin and the cold water of that lake every second that happens is making my body go into heat is adapting and while that happens I am reflecting and I think about all this that I am going to write and of course the scenario is a metaphor but my imagination describes it that way.

We have a long way to go all the time, and it is so easy to find a stop with a beautiful landscape a safe house and a hot coffee cooking while in the fireplace a smoke that arouses us an appetite of thoughts, during the course of our life that long way we will find different stops where we will learn and some stops will make us feel safe and at home forever but the reality is that if you want to reach the spirit of your soul to the real happiness where we feel fulfilled all our dreams and the new dreams for that to come true, we have to go through many stops with different landscapes that start being beautiful and then turn gray and we think that everything is destroyed, that our green forest and our beautiful house fell down, so we We feel when our comfort is coming down, and we have to start over.

But that road we have to travel is full of changes and must be so that in the end it is more interesting and real, only then we can learn to value every moment of life, every landscape that disappointed every plan that fell apart before I could not imagine having to face the changes, and now they make me happy when they arise because that means that I’m moving along that path I’m believing that I have hopes of achieving all that my soul has longed for as I grow up.

I am a person who still do not accept many things, I still feel insecure with my body that could be with the dream body and still would not accept me because I have not learned to love me completely, that is a job that day after day I try to move forward and be able to love me a little more. Because when I think I have achieved something appears that uncontrolled and crumbling something and that means I must do it with more force.

No person is perfect here we usually make mistakes all the time and at the end of the day we do not seek perfection. What we seek is to accept ourselves as we are and to love ourselves. That is the constant battle, I am learning that if I want to achieve my goals I must work hard and have discipline, and know something? that makes me feel immensely happy helps me to grow in an accelerated way my inner spirit.

The negativity only brings more and more hurricanes to our life, usually involves us in a chain of conformism and believing that we will never achieve it, and the constant struggle here is not to fall into “normal” in what everyone does in the guide that The people around us give us what life should be like.

Before I used to leave everything to the future I was very young and I used to spend my time on things like wasting time in short. Now I am still young but with the perception of life in a different way, now I have realized that the future is the present and its decisions that is the reality.

Try to learn from each situation that you have to go through in life to fight to run towards everything you want, to try to be a good person to live in freedom and freedom is to take your soul wherever you want it to be, even I can not say if it is possible to fulfill your dreams because I am still working on fulfilling my dreams, but let me tell you that if existing exists if the universe exists if all that has been invented exists, then there is hope to fulfill everything we want achieve.


I’m not going to give up I’m not going to fall for the dogma I promise to try many times to fly like a beautiful bird up and fly as high as anyone imagined doing it, and if I should die trying that would have been achieved because when you surrender a part of you dies and you never return to be yourself and you reach a point where you forget what you were.

I think so much about not letting myself down I think about all the things I thought when I was little I think that although I was very small and did not know what life meant, a part of me always wanted to go far and always wanted to make a mark and I will not betray myself. betray and stop believing in the things that I believe.

If you meditate a little everything that happens throughout your life is destined to something and most of the time is something that will help you grow it will help you to refine your meaning of life and what you want to do with it. I’m still thinking about making that beautiful house that green forest that colorful flowers on the balcony and that hot cup of coffee while I’m wearing a huge white shirt and naked inside, smiling at sunset to have achieved everything my soul has wanted since I have my first memory.

Please be prepared for the changes, because that will be part of our path to soul satisfaction.


Photograph taken from pinterest



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