Avicii Died

Avicii died his young 28 years old and that leaves me a kind of lump in the throat reminds me how fragile life is and how death does not forgive any human.

I know that many people die every day and that it is even insensitive to ignore it, and not pay attention to it as well as the outbreak when a person with a lot of fame and talent dies.

But the death of musicians like Avicci leave an impact to their followers and their colleagues who do the same thing as they create music because it reminds us of the true importance of life and how the wrong directions lead us to lose our lives in a second.

According to what I read Avicii had many health problems, for reasons of alcohol abuse here I leave a small fragment of the news of a portal on the death of Avicii.

He was found dead in the capital of Oman, “confirmed his representative. For years he had suffered health problems from excessive consumption of alcohol

Portal: Infobae

Today, all the news and social media platforms make a roar of the death of this young Swedish man. Electronic music is my favorite genre, it is an immediate connection with our interior that dies to go out and eat the whole world.

It gives me great sadness that a young man like him with a lot of talent and many resources to explore the whole world and to be able to live doing what he likes has to die because of a debauchery the total bad concept of her freedom. Although I must emphasize that at the moment the direct cause of his death is unknown.

My favorite song of Avicii is “Hey Brother” when I listen to it makes me think about how much love you can feel for a person any person and how love can come to mean a happiness that awakens very deep sensations.

The cause of his death is still unknown, but according to what I read he retired from music in 2016 he needed a break, but according to several interviews he said that in an industry like that, Elidia does not say “NO” and it happened much in the studio creating what gave him meaning which was music.

He released his last album in August of 2017 he traveled around the world and in his Instagram photos he looked calm and with a “healthy” appearance which makes me think that perhaps and maybe only Avicii had cancer and did not want to spend his last days fighting against the current because it is known that the treatment against cancer is a process that kills your soul and that there is hope but you are there thinking all the time about that disease. I think he decided to spend his last days traveling and being happy. That is only a theory but already in the future all the doubts of his death will be clarified to this young man of 28 years who lacked many things to live and create.

Without a doubt, the world will miss people who create something that makes us feel an explosion of sensations inside us. Rest in Peace and you will explore and be even more genial in that new world.



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