blue Bay

Blue and so bright so mysterious so deep without stopping showing a fury using a camouflage that does not seem to be a monster, what it does is make you feel a deep fear and a mystery that opens and makes you want to know what is hidden , I have been staring at you, leaving me perplexed every time I have the opportunity to observe you.

You make a perfect combination with the wind, you are something that I call perfect a treasure that we have the opportunity to see and feel awake in me the desire to live every time I see you regained strength you make the meaning of life have more weight. You cure me when I see you I have so much to thank you humans we need this type of feeling to continue with this life which as we grow, it becomes a system that you can not understand.

I have removed my dress I have been without bra and I raise my hands feeling the air that runs through my bare skin a body that fills me a lot of insecurities and that I am still learning to love. Because I have my problems, life often scares me, I think there will be no way out but maybe they are there everywhere but fear leaves me stranded in a place where I then stay stuck for several days waiting to be resurrected.

I still do not fully understand how “love” works because people disappoint you at some point, but what I’m sure of is that I’ve always loved you because love is not something you only give to a special person, love is something that you can come to feel for anything that exists or imagines you have the power to order your mind the power to order the things that you like whatever you can get to feel a deep love.

Maybe there is always something that breaks us that makes us feel that all the sense was lost, but you have no idea how long the road is, and the strength we must have to move forward.

The future is always uncertain for more plans that you have I can say from experience you can not assure that something is going to happen is so important to live in the present thinking about the future is also important but not cling to that idea because the changes have to happen today You make it happen.

I have loved you and I love you so deep and mysterious ocean that only you and with security could open all my feelings towards you. I think a lot about you and I appreciate the natural medicine that you are and everything you make me feel.

You are my special place forever and I hope you can connect to as many humans as you connect me with you.

I like even the feeling that you make me feel when I see a movie and you appear in it for a few seconds, you have the power to relive all those great dreams that have been left in ruins, you give me all the fuel to start over.

I thank you because you exist and I appreciate that the being in which I believe you have been created to perfection

I wish to see you soon

I love you

What connects you to nature?

some pictures taken from pinterest



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