Animals for three hours

I’m awake but I’m still thinking about all those scenes, it was not a dream, it was a reality, that has not yet determined how it makes me feel. I still can not say if it was a good experience or an experience that I will never be able to understand.

We seemed like animals the reason did not exist only to seek to have memories to feel that we used well the life we ​​had, in the head resonated all those logics everything that the world sees as something bad, but they do it when nobody sees them. My mind exploded, I felt a burning desire that made me feel so guilty but at the same time I enjoyed it, oh God, how I enjoyed it.

That moment did not seem reality I felt to be in those wet dreams that when you wake up you return to calm but you remember the scenes of that dream because it makes you feel wild. The reality that most people see or believe it is, is totally innocent of the fantasy that many people make.

Every person aware of what life is, and who owns them, can blow their imagination to pieces and make everything they want come true and if that has mental consequences or any other consequences, then you will have to live with them.

At that moment I let you have a space in my mind I had you there as a kind of insurance which drove me crazy thinking that you could be with someone else, it’s like that feeling of “belonging” when you meet someone and you think that person belongs to you When something does not work between two people, and even more so when you thought that person was the right one, I know it can be painful and sad, and that combination creates a depression that does not let you get ahead but if you force yourself to follow the right steps to heal, surely everything will be a matter of time.

I looked you in the eye while she tasted you, I was there seeing everything and maybe that killed a bit of what I thought you could do. We do not own anything and now I am sure of that, in a long life of many years and when it is more routine than interesting things around we only look for something that makes us feel burn, even if it is something alone as a secret that you enjoy remembering.

Living the present is more satisfying than doing a lot of plans in which you get a nice place with a lot of money. I believe that when we learn to truly love ourselves it is where we put our lives in order and what is not, hurts us.

I can not describe in full detail how that experience made me feel, because I have not yet deciphered, but you can get an idea of ​​what happened. People are owners of their lives and always although you do not realize the people around you and in which you believed and loved, they will always think of themselves before you because we are human beings and our actions are changing. We can not stay stranded in the same attitude, the experiences change constantly.

I try not to waste my time working on not allowing the actions of another person to affect me. I am working on learning to love myself more because of how I have felt lately. I realize that love towards myself can To be very fragile but, I give myself a little more every day.

Getting away from you can be a difficult decision, and I just keep waiting for one day to be strong enough and finally be alone for a long time. Maybe and I’m just looking for an opportunity where you break me and have the perfect argument, but I also think about how I love you in how I like you to love me maybe I still do not know if I need a man in my life, or if I want to give everything That love to myself and navigate away without needing feelings to appear.

But I’m not strong enough yet I still like how you make me feel when you introduce all that love you say you feel for me.



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