Do you want to get a tattoo?

If you search on Google or any other site of your choice about the origin of the tattoos you will surely find several theories or stories from many centuries ago where different cultures, tribes where tattoos already existed surely called otherwise, or tattoos that are erased with water, but the idea of ​​painting something in our body come from many years ago. The story I know of permanent tattoos, is that story where they tattooed the name of the soldiers in the war in order to identify their bodies in case of death, because in wars many soldiers were unrecognizable by the way they they killed, and the idea of ​​tattooing was precisely the easy recognition of who the body was about if a soldier was found dead.

Currently tattoos went from being “an important decision” to something normal in countries in Europe or countries like the United States in very common to see most people tattooed, I do not know how I feel now but I remember very well as Before I wanted to get a tattoo, I looked at designs on pages, and I loved the idea that one day I would make one and it would be great.

My favorite

Today I can see how many people tattoo their bodies, fashions and without even giving it a meaning, I think tattoos should still be an important decision, and now I think I would have regretted it if I had younger tattooed, since I’m completely safe that I would feel a kind of discomfort in my skin is something mental, like when you are in a physical or mental maze and you want to get out of the problem quickly, and know that you have a permanent tattoo on your body that you do not like anymore or You do not want to, I think if I had found myself in that kind of situation I would surely be very bad.

little turtle

Tattoos are art are still a way of expressing ourselves and being able to control what we want to be part of our personality, that’s why when you make the decision to get tatuarte make sure something different is something that your soul, value all people are different , we have to be clear about what we like, and when you want to do something like a tattoo it has to be significant, something that you will never regret, and something that nobody in this world can have, it has to be something that is connected between your skin and mind something that you will never be able to forget, that feeling is what I should feel if someday I decide to tattoo, but that idea is far from me since it is not something that should be left to chance.

the sunflowers make me happy

I really like the different types of art, I would like to visit museums and a prepared guide will make me travel to the past while I listen to it, I would like to know different works of art, to see beyond that only a few colors and a canvas, to be able to connect, and that means something that is engraved inside my soul, I hope with all the strength of my inner power to one day have that opportunity.

beach forever

I love the idea of ​​browsing in applications with images and see different designs in people, incredible tattoos made by real artists, you are sure to look for some pictures and leave them in this post. If you decide to get a tattoo, make sure it is done by a professional, it is better to save and pay for a good service, to regret your whole life, for a person to get a tattoo and this is not what you wanted.

Do you want to get a tattoo?

this fish makes me think of Asian fish my mind thinks they are different

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