¡HELLO! ¡Gym!

My third day in the gym I like this feeling I had previously exercised in my house and little by little I was getting things that would help me exercise like elastic bands, different weight weights my yoga mat (I do yoga on Mondays) and a mat for exercises on the floor.

I like to do exercises at home is almost therapeutic for me since I’m alone in my space listening to music and self motivating I liked that feeling of putting my schedules close the door of my room and watch videos on YouTube and start with different routines throughout the week believe me it feels good once you have discipline.

Almost 4 years ago I began to exercise, and I still do not have a fitness body because I have never had the desire to eat strictly to achieve it. I know I have to improve on that, and little by little I sound more often in my head to take care of what I take my mouth.

The idea when I started exercising at age 16, was to get toned I joined a gym near my house and I was very disciplined, I remember that at that time I was in high school and that year was my last year and I only attended on Sundays and that moving to that school was far away.

I had a lot of free time so I signed up to the gym and started going after two months my body was changing, I was always thin very thin, but my body was changing as I exercised I feel that my muscles got a little bit bigger and my body began to be provided.

After a few months in the gym, a normal day when I arrived at my house I was the victim of an assault. Two individuals entered the house armed and stole absolutely everything. So that same day I had to move with my mother to another place because we were afraid that those thieves would come back and hurt us.

After settling in our new home, I kept going to another gym but a part of me had been very afraid to leave, so I was not consistent in the gym.

After leaving, I bought an elliptical machine and started exercising at home for half an hour every day. I went to college and I liked my days one afternoon while I watched videos on YouTube in my room, it occurred to me to exercise in my room with videos of instructors exercising with my own weight. Little by little I was getting different materials and I liked having that discipline one hour a day of exercise I will leave you right here a photograph of my body and results exercising at home.

They were some pictures while I exercised at home, I continued to eat normal without diets I tried to eat homemade food, and only once in a while or one day a week I ate pizza or junk food. The other days I tried to eat home-made food and to bring positive things to my body.

I would really like to eat only healthy food, because when I do it very often my body feels happy, I know that healthy food is very expensive, but believe me there are always options, in my house I have cooked rice, beans, meat iron, I have stopped eating sausages I avoid consuming a lot of sugar, sodas, or soft drinks of fruit concentrate. I try to make natural fruit juices from time to time.

I want you to know that when I began to take care of myself little by little I realized what my body does well, I do not advise you to follow internet diets because all bodies are different and when you have the idea of ​​starting to take care of yourself by yourself or you are discovering what is good for you.

I was exercising at home for more than two years and I discovered how discipline helped me little by little to get fitter. At that time the idea of ​​entering a gym was almost impossible as it was far from my house and the way to get there was a bit tedious.

Three days ago after a lot of time exercising at home between the gym and now I have closer, and best of all is that they had a promotion for students a lower price and that encourages me to want to enter.

On Wednesday May 16 I enrolled in the gym, I started using the machines and in addition to that a coach has been guiding me these three days I took measurements of my body, my weight, body fat, and my muscle mass and height . I told the coach that my goal is to tone and lower my body fat to have a healthy and fit body proportioned.

I have all the strength in my interior to go to the gym 5 days a week and improve my diet right now I think of a piece of carrot cake and coffee without sugar is more like a craving I want.

I want to tell you that if you have the idea that you need a gym for a fitness body I want to tell you that it is not necessary, spend money in a gym I do not know what price gyms have in other countries but mine a gym equipped, safe and with good location It costs almost $ 100 a month plus registration. As I wrote, I took advantage of a student promotion by presenting my university card and it costs me less than $ 50 a month which is cheap comparing prices in other gyms in the city where I live.

Exercising at home can give you the results you want, you just have to be constant and train with YouTubes like Patry Jordan or Elena Malova. I trained at home with your videos and got results. You have to do different routines with your videos and do 3 or 5 days a week one hour a day which you choose.

These two youtuber are qualified and are professionals are from Latin America if you live in a country where you speak another language other than Spanish I suggest you look on the YouTube platform professionals with whom you can train at home and start exercising, look in my section of “Wellness” and see several entries based on my personal experience and thus find the way to a healthy and happy life.

It is always important to remember that each body is different so not because you see a photograph of a person Fitness think you want exactly that body, because as I always mention every body is different.

A long time ago I was dying to have the body of an English model I loved to see his photographs and wish with great intensity one day to be like that.

But I realized your body is like a triangle and my hourglass which the result of exercises will be shaped according to your body type.

Also take into account that she has a personal trainer, she is paid to exercise you (she is one of the sexiest models in the world) and besides that she visits nutritionists and has sunny days on the beach a dream life and I dreamed of that.

It is important to love our reality and constantly work to improve and not dream of someone else’s life but rather dream of fulfilling all our crazy dreams.

It is very good for me to write about personal experiences, it’s like being a kind of guide to experiment and write is like when you look for something in a book or in our current “Google” and to realize what people and their blogs have to tell us , and in that way try or motivate us.

I hope you feel that when they read something from my blog. Because they do not know how intense I feel being useful and being able to share experiences.

It is important that you know that you do not need to take supplements or synthetic proteins that are bad for your health and have side effects that damage your system. The only combination of exercise is the food and protein nutrients you will find in the healthy food that you eat. Remember that the natural achieved with effort is the best and the most healthy feeling good results require time, and discipline so we have to be patient and work on what we want.

I leave some pictures of pinterest to motivate us a little and know that if those people achieved a healthy and fit body we can also.

Cardio is the best exercise to lose weight faster

When you start to exercise, take a picture of the before and after to see the progress

I’m addicted to swimsuits

¡Oh! ¡Yasssss!!!

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