I’m waiting

I have a strange feeling right now. I do not know if it has happened to them but sometimes I dream of people I have never seen.

Psychology explains that when you dream of someone you’ve never seen in real life it’s because the brain along with the sense of sight keep many images per second either when you see a magazine, television or on your phone and then you do not try to save a photograph of a man in your mind, but your memory does it and that is why we sometimes dream of people we have never seen and never tried to remember.

Several times I have dreamed about different men I have woken up as with a strange pain it is the same one that you feel when you miss someone or which you feel for an impossible love.

My dream was this:

I was going out with someone and we were traveling on a beautiful beach but the person with whom I was walking had to go for a few hours to another place and I did not want to accompany him because the beach is one of my favorite places and I wanted to I was there so I told him to leave and I would wait for him.

After saying goodbye I decided to put in a pool in front of the beach, there were several men there very handsome they were blond and with a very intense color in their eyes, I threw myself like a high trampoline to the pool and I was there after a while I wanted to “get attention” and I made a bad maneuver and I fell out of the pool when this happened, they all tried to help me but a man in particular held me by the hand and helped me out, in that moment my gaze was made deep and he made me too, in that moment I felt I never wanted to be away from him, and he felt the same because he immediately embraced me in that moment I felt something completely different to some other sensation that I have felt in my life. I felt love in that very moment, after hugging I wanted to run away to end the relationship I had. Then I woke up and felt a deep pain inside me and I do not know if it’s a pain like the pain you feel when you’re scared but what I know and what I’m sure of is that dreams always mean something, it’s like the future is telling you something.

Science can explain every situation but they can not explain everything, to perfection and I have always believed in what I feel in what I imagine in what I dream. I like to think that not everything is planned that incredible things can happen and that it is so important to learn from the present. Many times in the past I have dreamed a thousand scenarios I have forgotten most of my dreams but there are some situations that I will not forget.

Sometimes I have had Déjá vu but I think that what happens at that moment is something different from other people. Because it is known that when a person experiences a Déjá vu is something that happens so fast that people only feel that they already lived that but they do not feel when and because they only feel that this has happened to them and they do not explain how or when that situation is completely new.

When I have had a Déjá vu it is different because besides feeling that I already lived in the past, I immediately remember what happened in one of my dreams and for that reason is that when I have dreams in which I become sensitive I know it is some thousandth of real second in my future.

So it is important that you do not forget some episodes of your dreams so that when you have a Déjá vu you can compare that with something you dreamed even if it is very fast you have to think beyond what you see at first glance.

This dream awakened in me the need to imagine what it would mean for me to find someone with whom we would both feel the same intensity of wanting to be together.

We should never stop believing in all those things that make us feel, life is so fragile and has only a short period of time to what eternity means in terms of time. So I do not want to stop or stop feeling I’m still number one for myself.

Photograph taken from pinterest



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