After the light rain you can breathe and think more calmly we like the rain when sunny days are more common and we like sunny days when the rain freezes us.

The weather greatly influences our mood swings, for example, and because I live in a country with a tropical climate, rainy days usually motivate me. When it is sunny in the sun I tend to be so uncomfortable all day and locked in my house with air conditioning, but when it rains I want to do all the pending things.

I was taking pictures the other day from my window watching an almost pink sunset, I published the picture on my Instagram because I thought that color was extraordinary in the sky. Yesterday I realized that the sky changes colors due to pollution and I began to reflect on how much damage we are doing to our planet.

The technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and the planet dying by leaps and bounds, but we are not able to do anything. There are people who fight for the welfare of the planet but we are not able to meet and be part of the good cause very few people, I example I think about it but I do not do anything and that is like wanting to achieve your dreams and being in a quiet place just thinking about it.

What I try to improve are the things in my lifestyle how to stop using deodorant and change to a natural one, buy natural soaps, and not spend on makeup and that makes me feel detoxified from my body.

I think that is a small step for my well-being, and with the environment, I try to contribute my good education by being clean and polluting as little as possible or avoiding things that I know hurt the planet. It’s not a big impact but it starts with something.

I like the idea of ​​being aware of the damage we do to our planet and improving on some of my actions. If you can not join a group to help the planet or afforestation or something that has to do with helping our planet what you can do is yourself with your lifestyle, avoid following the chain and the bad habits that destroy our ecosystem .

I remember that when I was in school every year we were put to plant one or two fruit trees in our house, and although at that time I did not realize how well it does to our planet to do that, today I am proud of having done it.

It is depressing to read or see how different species of animals are lost because of irrational human beings. We humans had an obligation from the beginning to leave the different species in peace in their natural habitat. But power led to create an economic system that divides us and destroys everything.

The animals are not reasonable beings but each one acts by instinct and whoever created the earth created everything perfect, if the carnivorous animals devour some species, nature took care that these species will reproduce and so it will not disappear.

To the different animal types and their feeding it is understood that of necessity they are dedicated to the hunting or if they are herbivorous animals to the plants since the nature is in charge of restoring. But in the case of humans hunting is no longer for meat and animal protein hunting is for economic benefit and destroy the various ecosystems.

It’s like saying that human beings altered ecosystems. And for that reason we are a few years away from existing together with everything we know today.

When I have had the opportunity to be in places surrounded by trees where the pollution is not yet chaotic, it feels a huge difference to breathe the polluted air of the city.

It’s like I wrote the technology advances and the planet is destroyed. I know that if the different economic and social divisions did not exist, that would be even more harmful for the planet because it opened up overpopulation and overpopulation leads to scarcity.

But as human beings we have the obligation to take care of our planet earth, to look for different healthy and practical options by researching simple things to change our lifestyle and thus help our planet to breathe more.

I know that many times we come to think, what will I change if other people continue to pollute? I know that on more than one occasion you have asked yourself that question. But the important thing here is not what other people do, the important thing here is what you do and how you feel about it that is making a difference for you and helping the planet.

It is a good idea to learn productive things and not only read articles but also learn and put them into practice and gradually create a personality with multiple habits that will undoubtedly make us a person with an impact on our environment.

We create awareness and promote that awareness to our acquaintances to help our planet earth that is screaming for help.



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