Shopping online happy? what I bought vs result

Hello! My website had stopped working for three days I felt a little sad trying to enter and see it inactive but I’m here again my subscription is active Yes!

About two months ago I made some purchases online in the application “Wish” was really excited because I had found some clothes that I had seen on Pinterest were at a low cost in Wish. The photographs of the clothes to be sold were the same as they were on Pinterest.

Whenever I browse on Pinterest I keep pictures of fantastic clothes. Since last year I started to buy in the Wish application and whenever my things came I liked that feeling since the clothes were in perfect condition.

Wish is an application that is dedicated to distribute merchandise from different people in China. It focuses on being a platform with multiple options such as “fashion, kitchen, accessories, makeup beauty and so on.

I am aware that the clothes that are sold in these applications most of the time are (copies) of designer clothes or some brands and this makes the clothes most of the time not of the same quality and that is why it is They sell at a very low price.

I must confess that I still do not understand why the clothes they sell in these internet shopping applications of vendors from Asian countries is not of the same quality, color or texture of the clothes to which they (copy) because as far as we know the Asian countries are the ones that make the clothes, shoes and many other articles of the big brands and the difference is that these brands have them made in these Asian countries and they put their brand. I have an article related to this in my blog that is titled “shopping online”

Returning to the main theme of this post, I was really happy of the good attention of “Wish” every time I received my stuff I was filled with satisfaction the feeling of buying several things at a low price.

But this last time I received my things was different because when I opened the packages, the garments were not exactly the same as in the photographs.

The color of for example a floral set was different, it was a lighter color and the fabric of horrible quality I swear. I know I should not expect something of quality when it is a copy, I know that plagiarism is wrong, in fact I am against that. But when it comes to things like being clothes in this case clothes that you see on Pinterest that you do not bring here and that in my case I can not buy on your official page because it would be too expensive, I look for these platforms with the illusion of finding them at a low cost and quality.

In my country in my city there are stores like Zara, Bershka, stradivarius, and pull and Bear I like the clothes of these stores I have many clothes. But I’m not a fan of always buying there since those stores are very similar in their collections because belonging to Inditex it happens that often the clothes have a lot of similarity with the other stores and that creates that there are many copies and the least you want It is to walk the same clothes as another person around you.

In this case it is no longer about tastes, or style, but in the city there are many shops with similar clothes. When you enter social networks like Instagram and you see those models from other countries more updated in fashion with garments completely different from those sold in countries like mine, my reaction automatically is to want those clothes in my closet and that exclusivity to know that at least around you no other person will walk the same as you.

These clothes that you see in the photographs of other countries are usually very expensive to send them to buy in my case, and that is why I look for options like Wish.

When I opened that possibility of shopping online, I tried to Wish for being really cheap and fast, most of the time the purchases had been satisfactory but the last time everything was confusing and very disappointing.

This is the floral set that caught my attention in the Wish application send it to buy and later you can see what I got.

Floral set photograph taken of Wish

photography on the beach with the floral set I bought in Wish

How can they see the color is a darker orange the fabric is definitely not of the same quality that is seen in the photograph of the model of Wish. I liked the garment but definitely left a lot to be desired.

Photograph taken of Wish


From the first time I saw it on Pinterest I wanted to have it and I looked for it in Wish and jumped with excitement to find it I bought it and this was the result.

Dress that I bought in Wish

This is the result of the dress that I wanted so much I did not like it because they look closely at these photos that I will place next, the dress on the Wish page looks like a completely different fabric and does not fit the body of the illusion Yes, but the dress lends itself to a comfortable and beautiful garment. The dress I got did not make me 100% happy since it was not what I really expected in terms of fabric.

Photograph taken of Wish

You can zoom the photograph and see the garment is a beautiful dress that is perfect for any occasion in daylight and that all you have to do is change the color of the shoes or the style of the shoes to give a different purpose each Once you wear the dress depending on the occasion as it is a dress that looks great with tennis, heels, flat sandals, and sneaker. This dress with the only thing that would not look good is with knee-length boots according to what I imagine.

I really like the dress you see in the pictures of Wish is a shame that it is not exactly the same maybe if the same style but not the fabric or the texture as the colors in the photograph look more relaxed and the dress that came to me the colors are stronger.

The last and not least is this yellow swimsuit with white (the classic stripes) I bought it in Wish and the truth if it was exactly the same as it looked in the picture.

Photograph taken of Wish

One piece swimsuit photo taken from Wish

This one-piece swimsuit except for the day since the fabric, the color quality is very good and seeing me on the beach with him was very comfortable and I loved that pale yellow. Do not take pictures with him on the beach but if one in a mirror.

This is my recent experience buying on the Wish platform before I came these clothes had made other purchases I want to think that when they come will not be disappointing because if so, I will have to move to another platform. Looking to find a store that meets all three B’s (good, nice and cheap)

I know it’s better when we save and buy something of quality that lasts an eternity, but when it comes to looking for or creating a style we seek to have multiple options to create and create and spend all the money in a single garment as it is not an option Smart when you’re not a millionaire.

I find interesting the idea of ​​looking to pay just for something of quality. When it comes to clothes, we women have many options from the lowest prices to the highest, everything depends on how much we can afford to spend.

It is important that every time you buy in an application you investigate in different sources if it is a reliable and safe application, you can also read the comments below each article or articles that helps a lot since the people who have bought said article give their opinion and there You can read if it suits you or you do not want to buy it.



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