Everything happens for a reason?

What happens now in your head you are so focused on your things or your mind walks slowly doubting each step is not a question formulated is just a thought that wants to compare if your head is better than mine.

The incredible things you want to do go through your mind every night before you go to sleep, wake up the next morning and forget it. You try to waste your time on something that distracts you and at some point you feel miserable again because you do not know where to start.

Do not feel alone in that battle in fact the battle is very good because that great part of our personality is there reminding us how an alarm we must react and seek the way again.

No matter how old you feel or how young you feel it does not matter to think that in a few years everything will be different or look for common sense to be able to fill in our deep holes with false happiness.

In life we ​​are stopped by many things, problems, “falling in love” or things that perhaps were for the future but happened today. It makes me very sad to think about how time does not stop for a second while we are there on the couch watching television killing time in forgetting what we most wanted to do someday.

The existential crises are more common now, for a moment I had almost everything at my fingertips but I was not happy with the process and now I feel like I’m starting over but I feel more difficult than ever.

Maybe I had my big push and it’s time to continue alone. I know it’s difficult when we really have to move forward on our own, I’m experiencing it now and it’s incredibly difficult when you live it.

I feel guilty all these days for letting my spark get further away from me, for not paying 100% attention to my outer self, my inner being remains intact and is the most important thing. Before I liked to make a combination of my interior and exterior but lately I feel more focused on thinking and wishing that time passes quickly so I can finally get away from here.

I am very afraid to find myself in another place and to feel that nothing makes sense. I would like to change my mentality right now and start regardless of the horrible environment that surrounds me.

I have created a kind of area in which I try to remain intact by keeping myself for the magical place. I still have no social life because I do not like the mentality of the people around me.

I keep being at my house longer because there are only bars and shopping centers out there (in the case of my dangerous city) I share my time with someone and I like that feeling but I still hope that something incredible happens to me soon.

It’s not that I’ve lost or been stuck I think it’s a kind of recovery because believe me that some experiences have left me without enough burden to continue my mind is still a bit confused trying to re-trust myself trying to motivate myself.

I’ve had several depression scenarios lately and that forces me to distract myself in SimsFreePlay a real-life simulation game.

I know it sounds like the most depressing scene but every person looks for something that distracts her when she goes through such moments.

When you have gone through disappointing experience experiences in which other people have had and used the power to shoot you in your beautiful construction of ideas, your mind automatically becomes paralyzed and entangled in a million things that are still confusing.

When that happens you try to return to everything in an order even if it is a completely different order than you had before and to be able to build those ideas again that sense of life you try to remind yourself every day that “everything happens for something”.

I still do not know if everything happens for something but that phrase calms me down and fills me little by little with confidence. I like to be positive in situations as confusing as you are.

The battle here is to be able to have the courage to continue Oh yes!



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