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A sunny afternoon and several items to review and order. You love fashion? My style or fashion sense is something I can not explain is changing but trying to always maintain that essence that started it.

Fashion is something temporary that is changing and each time it surprises us even more. Nowadays, as I wrote a long time ago, fashion is as stranded in some place as imagining that it is a stationed mind that can not open new ideas and tries to remember the past and renew it with the new environment.

That is why we have seen how garments, shoes or full styles have resurfaced from the past and taken on an even greater fame. I like to investigate and pay attention to all the details I’ve noticed as in several old series the actors wear clothes that today designers want to “Position as new ideas”.

Personally, I’m not a follower of fashion, how up-to-date I am is because I sometimes read about it. Some garments I like and I like to see how new bloggers from far away countries bring out their creativity, being able to be seen by thousands of people through social networks.

I do not follow their creations making them part of my wardrobe and style but I definitely enjoy seeing photographs of their outfits.

Achieving define our own style helps our self-esteem as it is a combination of our inner being with the outside and that is very worthwhile because it is part of our identity.

It is even incredible the importance that fashion has in the world a great relevance that has taken a position almost impossible to ignore. Define your outer being with a combination of the inside exposes your ideas and what you want to say when you manage to create your own style.

Gone are all those fears to which they will say and today we constantly struggle with our inner being to be able to reveal everything we want to say and do and that is the most incredible thing you can do.

The idea of ​​dressing great is not just for a special occasion, nowadays when you define your own tastes and bring out your ideas you want to do it daily with the creativity that arises and you reflect on your sets because being honest we like to make an impact without Import how small or big it is and style has that power when you manage to find it.

As a woman I like the time that happened in the stores, not necessarily spending money on clothes (I do not have that power) but when I have the economic opportunity to go shopping I like to taste it take my time and think about the thousands of uses that could be Give that shirt, dress or the garment you select at that moment.

But if to save money and buy clothes is always looking for other options such as online shopping you have more clothes at a low cost only you have to wait.

I always recommend buying in places where those who already bought that product leave their comments and photographs of the product they bought. This provides greater security for you when it comes to buying since you’ll be seeing what the clothes really are or whatever you want to buy.

If you do not have the idea of ​​spending on clothes and you want to save that money and your clothes are in good condition and you have clothes that you do not like, get together with your friends and exchange clothes, that’s an excellent way to save and have new clothes in your closet.

It’s amazing to be able to ignore what we think our own tastes, our ideas and everything we want to do, I think that creates incredible things told by yourself. Do not be afraid to be who you are in the case of our own style do not be afraid to let your ideas come out.

Many times we come to repress thinking about when we want the acceptance of people. When you define your own tastes in style in everything out do not think about “People will see me ridiculous or ridiculous” because if you keep thinking that way you will get farther away from being able to fill yourself with happiness when doing what you want.

It’s great to see ideas about clothing, not only styles that you can learn about, but also how to take care of your clothes and give them a longer life.

I do not like to use the washing machine to wash my clothes because that ruins the colors and often stretches or shrinks the clothes, I like to wash by hand and with little soap. Another thing I do is that when I wear jeans I do not wash them and keep them until they have a bad smell (something that has not happened) or I have something that makes them dirty I decide to wash them with little soap and by hand and that makes their colors follow intact and its life of use is extended.

On the internet we find several tricks to take better care of our clothes, it’s just a matter of putting them into practice and making them ours.

I like very much the dresses of soft fabrics like of blanket I like them when they are simple but at the same time they do not go unnoticed I will leave here an example of a dress that I bought in Internet recently. The fabric was not what I thought but the dress is still beautiful.

I bought it in Wish, the price was almost 18 dollars which is an affordable price for such a beautiful dress. When I bought it I thought that the fabric was fresh and comfortable blanket but when I came I noticed that the fabric is of another type and that makes the dress transparent from some sides: / but the price is still beautiful and I already used it twice.

Photograph taken from pinterest (dress description model)

Here is a picture of me of the dress when I had just arrived

Kafme Photo

I bought several clothes and without spending much, but I really recommend that when buying we pay attention to the description and comments of the customers to avoid future disappointments.

That dress I like a lot is the idea of ​​that dress are buttons and fabric a very simple but beautiful idea is similar to some dresses I have saved on Pinterest here I leave a picture.

Photograph taken from Pinterest

This style with those shoes gives as a casual urban sense the dress looks fresh in perfect combination with a sunny day in the city I like that.

Photograph taken from Pinterest

These dresses are very fashionable in Pinterest photographs have a white background that is combined with fruits or figurines that give it that freshness and looks super feminine but without exaggerating what looks childish, I like tennis I like that they have a little piece of red color that combines with the cherries or flowers of the dress Excellent combination!

Photograph taken from Pinterest

This is a dress with the famous vertical and horizontal lines I like because it is a dress that is loose and that creates a great comfort and freshness I like that the design and colors are not flashy and that creates that they combine with the environment more in those Spring days on the way for a coffee or a date.

Photograph taken from Pinterest

These two outfits show us the incredible result that a good combination can generate and that the extravagant garments are not necessary to show off the impact that you can look beautiful and feel comfortable.

Photograph taken from Pinterest

Dress almost the same style that you buy only with the difference of the sleeves and the cut is that if you choose good accessories you can achieve that sophistication without being exaggerated.

Photograph taken from pinterest

That was the picture I had saved from Pinterest I love the sleeves, the cut, the bags and how simple but beautiful it looks!

I really enjoy this I hope this post will help you to organize your ideas in terms of style this topic is from my point of view as my whole blog.

Thank you for reading!! ❤

If you want me to talk about a topic I want you to know that you can leave me your comments I would be happy to be able to create useful content since I also have several categories focused on that precisely from my own perspective.


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