breakfasts to lower the percentage of body fat

We can eat rich and lose weight Yes, I’m with the idea that we ever find ourselves in our lives which is losing weight. Since a few years ago I started exercising today is something that is part of my lifestyle but I have not achieved what I’ve always wanted. Maybe it has been a lack of combination between exercises and food and that is that I swear it is so difficult to have perfect control between those two.

The other day I was here writing about “hello” gym almost two months ago. I want to tell you that I have lowered a bit of my body fat and I have raised my muscle mass. I am with the idea of ​​wanting to reach “excellent” and lower my body fat. When you go to the gym and your body fat is high, not only exercise will help you lower it, you also need your diet to be healthy.

I personally have not yet found a stability in what I do not eat eating junk food but I do not have those healthy and perfect breakfasts that are seen on Instagram. I was investigating today about breakfasts that help lower body fat and maybe share them with you since I’m with the idea of ​​doing them in my mornings and see if they help me reach my goal.
With the idea of ​​lowering my body fat look for foods that are easy to find and above all economic and practical since many times the breakfasts that we see in different literal internet sites depending on where you live in my case are not accessible or practical.

I want to clarify that body fat when it is high more than we should have is a little alarming because that generates overweight and everything bad that we do not want in our body. After looking for some ideas on the internet most were breakfast with ingredients that in my opinion are not very accessible. So I can some that I think that they are and others that are known and with ingredients that we surely find in our kitchen.

1. Oats and banana Oatmeal is something that is indisputably found in most kitchens as we know it is a great source of fiber and combined with banana is delicious since you do not need to add sugar.


Photograph taken from pinterest

The first thing you have to do is add milk of your preference to a pot to boil and then add a cup of oatmeal. Move it with the spoon and turn off the stove.
When ready, add banana pieces and go.  It is super simple and nutritious. Remember that you can also make oatmeal and banana pancakes and milk and banana oatmeal. Different options same ingredients!


Photograph taken from pinterest

2. Toast with egg and tomato. It’s super rich lately I’ve been having this breakfast and it’s delicious. The only thing you have to do is to toast two whole loaves of bread and then make two starry eggs to cut two slices of tomatoes. When you have all that ready, just add a starry egg for bread and a slice of tomato and that’s it.

3. Breakfasts with fruits. I will put a reference image but you can make the combination with the fruits you want. You can have breakfast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then repeat in the order you want. When you start a new week you can look for different ideas.


Photograph taken from pinterest

I’ll make these breakfasts and when I get my body fat down to the point I want to let you know. Remember that it is not only breakfasts, but also lunches and dinners. I recommend having dinner early and drinking lots of water. Exercise and reach our goal. I wanted to make this entry focused on breakfast since breakfast is the most important thing to start our days



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