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At 19 years old

Suddenly you feel the need to go in a car at full speed, not knowing if it will be your end or the best adrenaline experience of your life. You know how dangerous it is you know that the chances are high that there will be no return but the need to feel is stronger than any reason.

Something tells you that you must continue that you should not be stranded right where you are now, that the road has not yet finished the spark that used to turn on all the energy of the planet seems to be fading little by little so much that maybe the small amounts should not feel but you You feel them and even think you see them go slowly in slow motion as if they had a soul as if reflected in a deep look that tells you a million things that in a thousandth of a second you may not understand but the energy that transmits is powerful.

Where does our life go? Where all the desire to want the world go, ideas are lost all the time, the mind goes out of control is such a hostile feeling

Just close your eyes imagine everything you want maybe you are existing elsewhere …

Waiting all the time to be able to run away. Things inside are usually built recently with a very weak material with an automatic self-destruct button that is pressed every time a second of depression becomes present

Take your time observe a lot that feeds is up to relaxing maybe the feelings were made to control us not to make us human. I hate the feelings when they attack me, they reach a point where I disconnect from all my original being, and I forget what my own philosophy really matters in everything that I have always believed.

The feelings in times when the mind goes out of control tend to become a horrible person full of insecurities torment me strange my days where only I mattered

The strong buildings continue to fall apart little by little and I am there watching forcing myself to feel nothing and incredibly in that moment of destruction my brain forces to remain still to any kind of feeling that wants to be present

The route makes me feel powerful have been my decisions all my life has been handled under my decisions are drastic but, as they lead me to unexpected moments.

I have never felt insignificant I have always felt that inner power that makes me converse with my conscience it is very difficult to ignore myself and everything I feel

Fully convinced that the plans are just too poor a structure you can only cross your fingers to make it work but the chances of it not working are high and we usually ignore them all the time

Playing to plan the future to believe that knowing what is going to happen is a relief for ourselves in the present, since we always need a reason and a because we are self-deceiving we lose our lives all the time

I’m sure that seeing this like this has made me stronger somehow I feel that I appreciate life more and what I’m living and doing in real time

The inner strength is an uncontrollable mess almost all the time. You usually build something and then the constant struggle crumbles is always having to start over.

In a matter of relationships and people clinging I swear that it is a mistake is hurtful and we feel that it is almost impossible to overcome when that person decided to open a path without you

We have always been alone as we grow our guides “family” most of the time play an incredible role but we were not born adhering to them at any time we have to fly because in our interior in our thoughts is only our own conscience

I’m looking for a small hole in this world where I can be full of everything inside me and be able to make it mine to be able to leave it in the mind of the earth forever. It is a necessity to one day make part of me all those dreams and that they become a reality only a reality

Extending wings and fly away is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I want to clear and make that trip alone I want to be away alone I do not want to fall back into the deep hole of sentimentally depend on someone I do not want anything or anyone to stop me.

In many occasions of our life we ​​dedicate our thoughts to imagine what it would be like to find the perfect person that makes us want to be forever.

You wake up every day with him and at the beginning it’s a fantastic dream but then sometimes you miss the feeling of being alone and not thinking about anyone else but yourself

When we really love a person many times we feel afraid of being betrayed and having to be strong to leave the relationship and continue alone again swearing that you will never let someone new into your life.

My days lately are not new experiences every time I wake up feeling the same sensation of the previous day

Maybe my problems of not adapting to being with a person for a long time are due to the fact that I was always alone.

My birth was like “we pay everything you take” but that’s it. I remember that as a child I was never always in the same place I always changed school almost every year

Some years I lived with my mother’s family and other years with my father’s family but never with them two together (it’s the problem of having children so young and when there is no union) that happened and that’s why I never had stability in some place. Perhaps and most of us grow up with traumas that appeared in childhood is that at that age we are exposed to everything good and bad but we can not distinguish when it is a bad thing or when it is a good thing.

Surely that is what makes me think a lot about how good I feel to be alone I feel guilty when those thoughts come to me because it makes me feel selfish with the person I am currently with.

I feel at a point where I do not feel I’m moving forward with my life I’m sorry I’ve been stuck but it’s not because I want to but because circumstances do not give me another path in sight.

I think of a boat sailing adrift I feel hate to be like this almost all the time but, there is something that makes me feel that boat and that blue ocean

I … I keep promising not to give up breathing and think that everything will go as usual what I wanted

Some people continue with their life and follow a society pattern believing that it is the path to self-realization and that is not something that comes from society (what most do) self-realization is something that your inner being desires a feeling that You should not share with someone only with you is something that when you achieve it only belongs to you.

In today’s life and from the past we have seen how many dreamy people have fulfilled all their dreams, the success of dreams is always associated with a great monetary acquisition depending on what your goal is. The success of dreams is something that your soul has to feel money does what it does is pay for your other dreams but the realization of the initial is what triggers all the flowering of others.

It is horrible when we analyze the power that money gives is something that even unconscious we want, that would undoubtedly make us close our eyes and think about what is less money generated problems.

Lately what makes me feel with all the desire to follow the effect that makes me a pill for the pain of the head is removed and I leave that feeling of tranquility as when you are very sad and the exchange to a positive feeling.

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