Friendship? Where?

Yesterday I filled out a form for a contest and one of the questions was: Which character do you admire and why? answer that I admire good people because in a world that is destroyed good people inspire.

Around me it is difficult to socialize I know that people have different points of opinion or personalities different from mine but find a person that will help you to be a better person and you just help to create that link is very difficult most people are too selfish and they fight with all their strength to ruin the image of the other person and for that reason at least here I have decided not to pay attention to social life has always been so I hope it is not forever.

I had an old friend come to admire her a lot and even say that it was amazing to have met her I liked the idea of ​​creating a friendship. I respected his way of thinking and his ideals were different from mine but I always respected them.

One day I accompanied her to an event and I met some people with whom she interacted. I always thought that her circle was selective and that she even knew great people because of how she was but that day her image collapsed like a building made of paper that only the storm is waiting for and nothing is done quickly.

The people with whom she was related were smoking marijuana and talking so superficially. I do not criticize that young people smoke or have their season of happiness with madness but, it is assumed that when you choose who to be with and respect all the things in which you believe the people with whom you relate are people who share something that connects you with them.

My old friend was the opposite of young people of the empty mind type and predictable miserable common personalities.

When the event ended the Dj approached me since we knew each other through a social network a long time ago, and it was until then without planning that we met the dj he knew me a bit since we talked about messages before and he knew the type of person that I was approached and told me if I knew those people and I told him that, not that it was the first time I looked at them since my friend had introduced them to me.

The dj told me: what a relief, I thought you had already lost (lost here means disoriented or walking on things that “society considers unacceptable.” I asked him why? And he told me because those acquaintances of your friend are drug addicts who they spend almost all the parties getting drugged until they forget who they are.

I did not answer anything, I just analyzed myself and I realized that my friend at that moment was one of the people who did not mind leaving aside the things in which she believed and defended and that she was capable of doing what other people did. to be able to enter a group and thus get with them to be part of maybe things in which she was interested, but that kind of people of disgust handled them at least here.

She was the last friend that I had throughout my life I’ve only had two or three friends I think that the times I’ve decided to start a friendship is because I think that women need to have someone to talk to and trust but get That model of friendship is difficult. I do not know if worldwide or only here I have not had experience in other countries.

After that day I did not say anything to her about what she was thinking because I realized that I was not going to change anything. I just moved away little by little and today we greet each other when we meet but she never realized what I think about her. She and I felt very sorry to totally ignore her when she is with other people.

I hope that if they have a very well defined personality and have their own ideas, stories or things that they create and defend, never allow anything or anyone to have the power to make them desist and do everything you hate only to belong to a group that surely they will be destructive people incapable of thinking beyond themselves.

Let’s open up to everything that is our true Self, never let go of it even for a single second.

Photograph taken from pinterest



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