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A bit of my lifestyle

I feel with a free spirit I like this feeling I like to take care of myself and do the things that I like and look for those that I have wanted all my life.

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Lately I have been sleeping very late I am uploading my first book to Wattpad which I wrote last year and I titled it 1998 is the year in which I was born and I decided to put that date because it is like the beginning of something I hope will be forever I hope to be able To write forever express me calm down. I went up seven chapters and I will be uploading more is a matter of time since the book is finished can find me in Wattpad with my user which is Kafmewriting you will find the book 1998 and the book At night the second book I am still writing. At this moment I am giving priority to upload 1998 and then continue writing the second book. Both books are being written in Spanish

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Lately I am trying to return to the good habit of before which was to sleep at 10 o’clock at night. That made me wake up early with many good vibes to start the day I have slept so late these days that I wake up at 10 in the morning wanting

to stay in bed and that is not good for my mind.

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In the morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is look for a healthy recipe for breakfast. Sometimes I choose cereal from oatmeal and banana, in other oatmeal and banana or avocado and toast pancakes. There are many healthy options with ingredients that you have at home

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Before looking for those recipes for breakfast the first thing I do is grab a large glass and squeeze a whole lemon then fill it with water take it on an empty stomach. That helps detoxify and believe me it works a few days ago I read your benefits and I’m working to make that good habit stay.

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After breakfast I watch the news on my phone or read an article of my interest when it is not college days. My classes are usually in the morning this quarter I only go to the university two days a week.

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When my morning is midday I’m looking for recipes for a delicious lunch. Sometimes I have to go to the supermarket before preparing lunch when I do not have the ingredients at home. I really enjoy my time in the supermarket

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After lunch I write a few times or I turn on the television and check my phone. I like to choose the afternoon to go to the gym since I lived in a city with a sun that is not nice the temperatures are very high and leaving at that time is stressful.

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After the gym, when I get home, I take a shower and prepare for dinner, always looking for recipes on my phone. I’m looking for a movie and I sleep late lately 😦 but I’ll improve on that. On Saturdays or Sundays I work depending on whether in the place where I work there is an event I do not earn money as much as I would like but it helps to pay my bills.

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I always seek to have plans always desire with all intensity to go forever to another country. I am planning a trip this year and I do not try to make myself high expectations things are better when they surprise you I learned that. I hope to write about those experiences if I manage to go to this country this year

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This is my lifestyle at 19 years old. My days are generally some I go out with my partner to try dishes he loves to cook so I prefer his food. I’m not happy I do not feel inspired every day I’m always waiting for something incredible. I live under my own rules and I am always giving more strength to my free spirit I think that is the only thing that does not make the whole structure is not something that depresses me.

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How is your lifestyle now?

Always remember that you only have one life and no matter how you feel about it, always try not to ignore that we are not eternal here and that we should seize any opportunity to be better and seek the best for ourselves. Let us seek to travel with the mind and prepare our mind for changes, changes will always take us elsewhere and we need that. The good part

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