Utila vibes

A few days away from home on an island that is a paradise was something I needed to continue. It was the second time I visited this place and was even more delighted than the first time I went.

I traveled from my city to another one for three hours later when we arrived at the ferry we traveled for an hour we arrived at the island and went straight to the Hotel we stayed at Hummingbird Hill is the name of the Hotel. I liked the Hotel but for its price of almost 100 dollars a night I think it was a lot since the rooms were simple the slow internet there was no TV and in the room a tarantula I know it is an island and sure there are many species of animals but for sure You would not like to sleep with a tarantula in the hotel room bed.

After settling in Hotel we went to eat at a place called Mermaids a very colorful restaurant and according to the theme the prices per plate of a salad were less than $ 5 but on this island there are many restaurants at very low prices and you eat Delicious the food of Mermaids I did not like I bought a salad and it was only tomato and lettuce a really basic salad and for the price comparing the other prices of restaurants of the place I think it was a high price for a simple salad.

After lunch we went to the Hotel I applied sun block all over my body and I put on my bathing suit. I want to tell you that when you go for several days to a place like this, in addition to wearing sunscreen, wear clothes that cover your arms legs and all the parts exposed to the sun, if you decide to go for a walk and explore because although the sunscreen is there, the sun is too much strong. The whole part of my shoulders hurts because the sun burned me because I had the idea of ​​applying sunscreen and thinking that it would solve it. I put on a skirt with buttons and the top part of the swimsuit walked for hours like this uncovered and the result was not a nice tan. I’ll leave you a picture of how my shoulders look, I swear I’m burned a lot

I suggest that you also carry sports and tennis clothes in your suitcase because if you like to walk and exercise on this island it is all close and visible but you have to walk in the sun if you do not want to spend money on transportation for short distances. Walking on this island is more relaxing if it is in hours when the sun is not at its peak I walked so much in the days I was there because I went out to explore that when I returned my calves and my body hurt a lot but it was a pain of exercise that makes us feel good

After putting on the swimsuit we left the room and went to the pool to take pictures. After that we went to the beach which is a real spectacle for the eyes and the thoughts because you feel the landscape and that caused me a lot of happiness.

We went to the beach and went to the hotel and we were in the pool for a while. I dressed and went to buy supplies to prepare dinner I slept early that day because I was very tired for the entire trip.

The days on the island were memorable, I walked dancing and the best thing was to see the reef. Rent a snorkeling gear I went to Bando beach is a private beach on the island for which you pay $ 3 and you can spend all day renting snorkeling equipment costs $ 5 for 5 hours mask and shoes.

The access to the beach reef was very complicated I had to swim up to a few sheets of sharp algae and then walk on stones after swimming until I reached the waves and then see the beautiful reef and the colorful fish.

I was a little scared because it was the second time I did that the first time I did it was on a reef in the northern part of the island and this time it was a new reef which was deep and with a beautiful turquoise color it was an experience that I will never forget.

After that I went to the hotel and I changed it was a Friday so the nightlife was interesting first I went to Tranquilas Bar I did not drink alcohol because I do not drink alcohol or any substance that hurts me but I bought a lot of water because my intention was to dance all the night. I like electronic music makes me vibrate so in that place they put an hour of that music dancing a lot and when they changed the style of the music I went to Tretanic a wonderful place.

Tritanic is a place that took 20 years to build and all its infrastructure is based on recycling is beautiful has an oriental theme and it is huge there is much to see in that place and it is better to visit it during the day to see all the details.

I arrived at the place and listened to live electronic music. There were many people from other countries being free and having fun. It was great for me to stay dancing in that place. Deep House until 3 in the morning. Then I returned to the hotel and fell asleep immediately.

The third day it was when I burned my skin like a spit was because I walked half an hour to get to a boat and travel to another private beach for 15 minutes a beautiful beach called Neptune and on that beach there is a hotel with a bar and restaurant delicious food. The trip in the boat is free and leaves every hour you only have to consume a minimum of $ 5 in the restaurant and you can stay all day.

I was like 2 hours in that place I slept in a beach chair under a relaxing shade and the breeze that made me feel fresh. I did not want to spend so much time in the water because I did not want more sun because it was starting to burn.

I had a delicious Italian pasta when I arrived at the hotel. I was in the pool and then washing my hair for the excess of salt which must be taken care of a lot during those days of sun and salt water.

I hope to go soon and do other activities like snorkeling in Neptune and go in search of the whale shark because in Utila you can do many activities but you have to have that adventurous soul and not be afraid of the experiences and of course take enough money and budget to take advantage of the time on the island.

The island is called Utila and is part of the islands of the Bay of Honduras.



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