singing in the middle of the ocean

Walking in the middle of the naked ocean. The stars are at the top but I feel I can touch them. The sky has that combination of a little blue of the same color as the ocean.

I walk and I stand still for seconds contemplating all the blue around me I see the shore I see some branches with green leaves I can not focus and see clearly but I feel it is a plant that grows in the water

The place is a dream and you can even get to feel scary but I do not feel that on the contrary I feel a lot of peace. I start to sing a song that I have never heard neither the lyrics nor the melody, everything seems to come out of my interior

I start to sing and to feel the rhythm the words and the melody flow I do not even have to think that saying everything seems to go according to the moment. There are not seconds to stop to think what is happening, I just let it continue happening

I still can not imagine how dangerous the depths of the ocean can get, I do not think of monsters, I do not think if there is someone else watching, I do not think if it’s a dream, I do not think of anything, I’m just walking and dancing in the middle of the ocean

The song I’m singing is one that says “love” apparently I’m singing in English I speak Spanish is the language that I’ve known forever, but in that place I’m singing a new song that I invented right then is in English and its rhythm It’s just like electronic music.

I keep walking on the blue ocean then the song ends and I return home. I keep thinking about that incredible feeling for a few minutes in the kitchen I think it’s the most wonderful thing that has happened to me

While singing that song which was not directed to a man was not addressed to someone in particular I do not know who I was singing to but I have the hunch that my interior was singing telling me that everything would be fine that it would not stop being and fight for all things that I believe in and want

I woke up because everything was a dream was the last part of the dream of the many parts of crazy dreams that I had that night. I woke up and I’m ready to make the decisions I have to make

One of the worst decisions you can make in this life is to stop believing in your own ideas. The fight is not only to reach the goals the fight is not to lose yourself in that way because it is really difficult for the mind to be calm when around all the people seem equal and depressing

I think that dream made me sort out some ideas and realize that as long as I am sure of myself and always defend what I think, even if I am left alone, everything will be fine.

I was alone in that ocean but the stars were illuminating the whole place. I had that incredible view I had those incredible sensations and at no time did I feel lonely.

It was the most incredible feeling I’m sure is one of the signs that confirms that I’m doing things well that is still intact the person I’ve always been and I wanted to be

You also have to continue to feel that you always remember that you have always wanted to be clean and extraordinary is what you have to hold on to our own ideas and beliefs.

photograph taken from Pinterest

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