The feelings are like songs all the time are changing and almost never have a reasonable stability there is a lot that wants to get out of there in many thoughts that want to go out and explore the real world but only gain strength when you feel alive. I feel my strong and vibrant thoughts when I listen to music I think it takes me to navigate to what nobody can see with my eyes, even I can not see it, because it is not something that has any material form or something that I can compare.

I usually imagine its shape and almost always feels like a fountain with strong colors all united and intact. The news is not as inspiring as I would like to write about how incredible the world is now but it is not even close to being true. The truth is that I do not think about a better tomorrow for the world I think about how sunk it will be in the future, it does not keep moving on the contrary everything seems to be destroying little by little and without any hope of return. People are running away without directions the mind no longer knows what things to have clear it seems an apocalypse of reasoning. I do not like this kind of evolution that they want to inject into our minds, I feel they confuse us more and make us feel unidentified as trapped in a dogma that we can not even understand.

I’m not against the various sexual orientations that exist today I think we all have the right to discover and live a life as we want because at the end of the day who controls you is yourself and the struggle is not to let our minds think for no reason second that someone around us can have control of our thoughts. But what I find a monstrosity is how far this topic has come and how it happened to be something that was discovered when you reached the knowledge of a stable mental judgment to something that they are trying to teach you when you are barely a child when the only thing that You should worry about playing and learning about life but material that is clear and coherent. I find it abhorrent that a child is exposed to so much information that it can be confusing and counterproductive to what that child develops without being exposed to information that is even confusing for adults.

My generation has not had to live in times of incredible painters, unforgettable singers, writers who teach you, or any artist that can be called an artist in its original concept. It would be very sad that there were no more characters that could inspire and admire us. I think it would be a great loss for humanity not to continue discovering people who can become incredible modern people for the memory and learning of future generations. Very sad that they will cease to exist.

My generation has not had to meet those incredible beings and inspire themselves to fulfill their dreams, not because we do not have that interest in wanting to know who they are. We are killing all the extraordinary that we can become ignorant to those artists who still exist that almost nobody knows them because the newspapers find it boring to take a note from someone who made some discovery museums are only staying with exhibitions of many years ago back, our generation does not think it important to leave a living trace a footprint with a soul.

The technological era focuses on taking inventions that pollute our planet inventions that the original idea is no longer to offer a solution to people, but to take a lot of money from those people with really unnecessary things. In platforms like social networks we see how the famous people of today are people who make videos with offensive content videos that try to be comedy and what they really are is an exhibition of stupidity accepted by a new generation that is not interested in things that originally had meaning and hope.

I know there are also people who create videos to help other people and I like that pitifully it’s not just a small group of women helping others to put on makeup now it’s a whole community creating content of superficial things things that vanish things that we They waste time in discovering really our purpose to accept our process in life, understand it and take advantage of the time here. The idea of ​​leaving a legacy for humanity is something that is not kept alive in history. Many young people think that they achieved fame and recognition by creating makeup videos or videos exposing themselves to a stupid comedy, superficial video videos that can even create a despicable reputation for ourselves and leave us more trapped inside and ignore our true purposes. At some point they made us feel alive and with respect for ourselves.

I write also involving myself in these prayers since any person of my age, minor or major is exposed to the same thing on the internet is there for everyone. The worst of all is that there are multiple organizations supporting and taking advantage of the naive and young people who want the fame is the new business of unscrupulous people today.

You do not know those great artists with their original meaning, but if you know who the kardashians are, their eccentricities, how much money they spend and their dramas for meaningless situations, I’m not interested in knowing that I do not want to know anything about the subject, however to a social network or X thing on the internet and all this information on the internet not only the kardashians but also “influencers” on topics such as what to wear, or where to go to eat really without any sensitivity issues.

Influencers should be people who have credibility in their own personality that influences us to be involved in important issues such as helping the environment, leading a healthy life, giving us inspiration to achieve all our dreams, creating a supportive community to speak of any topic that at first we were stuck with our doubts or with that desire to want to have peace of mind and to clarify any minimal thing that we do not understand.

Personally I know that there are influencers that help people with really important issues and I also know that they do not have the amount of people interested in these issues since most of them prefer to follow people who talk about makeup, clothes or making people laugh saying bad words or even worse mocking other people.

I also like the exterior I like some issues related to it and I even enjoy seeing the different styles of past times and their evolution in styles but it does not occupy my 100% attention that would be depressing for me to give so much prominence to things that vanish however I consider important the combination of some of our ideas and creativity reflected in what the view can see but how I wrote one is a combination.

Today’s printed and digital newspapers make us more aware of the lives of celebrities and their drugs or their new songs with sexual lyrics. Much of our generation is aware of the lives of other people they do not know and it would be incredible if they were inspiring people with an impact that helps people to accept themselves to make a change in everything bad that has so much prominence in these times.

Unfortunately the most famous people in the world are people who do not even accept themselves and their scandals, stupidities seem to be the global entertainment that generates countless millions of these people making them believe that this is to achieve success when success goes beyond the money and fame.

Newspapers, politics, politics, everything in charge of guiding information has been responsible for spreading an empty conformist mentality to a whole new generation. They are trying to take away our soul. The world is ceasing to be a green planet, blue with all kinds of dreams countless opportunities the world is ceasing to be a place full of living magic we are being participants the world is destroying all its original meaning is happening to make a place inhabited by all bad things that exist.

Dying does not seem to stop missing valuable things dying seems to be the only cure for depression incomprehensible to many young people around the world because no, they teach us to fulfill dreams that will make us feel fulfilled in harmony they are teaching us that dreams are having a lot money and when people achieve it they become famous millionaires some decide to end their lives because they gave them a misunderstood depression they felt that that long road full of falls and new beginnings no longer exist they feel that they finally went through everything and the end is no more that a huge precipice full of loneliness and sadness.

On the way they did not learn to let the soul give their ideas and combine with the dreams. It’s sad because dreams are the soul that wants to reflect and take shape. The dreams decided to separate and take shape but leaving a hole taking out the soul wanting to fill that gap with the dirty money that pays access to happiness as being to know the world and live without working all day for a miserable salary. These people who lose their essence who manage to have the money but not the feeling of being happy are surrounded by interested friends, and drugs that want to make you feel like your soul makes you feel happy.

The world is sinking and all souls are going away with it. There seems to be no return I can not find people who are feeling the same as I am feeling the deep sadness for the sinking of an entire planet the only sense I can come to feel is to create a relationship with my own conscience and not lose my sanity.

I do not want the original meanings to change, I do not want the normal thing now to be accepting that everything that is happening is normal. I want to run away from here every day but I do not know in which direction. The only coherent safe place is my interior is what makes me feel alive.

I always wanted to go away from here I always think the same but I am afraid that in that other place I still feel trapped without even being able to socialize because I do not identify with the people who have been around me because they are people who have that gap where Once there was a fountain full of life and desire to eat the world in the best way.

Van Gogh art



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