To you

I think of you I think a lot about you in my days there is always a thousandth of a second that reminds you should not my mind decipher what you think in a thousandth of a second but for questions that I do not understand now you are there

I’m fine in fact I’m with a kind of happiness every day but my cavity still feels half full I still think about the “would” it would have been if I was with you.

It is a sensation similar to that produced by a song in English, its passionate lyrics and its sad but stylish music

I think the infatuation I still have for you is not something of real events because the reality with you is not so attractive what happens to you is how my imagination idolizes you when I imagine scenes by your side

The happiness that I imagine with you is something that rejuvenates me I would like to feel those feelings make the outside not matter at all

For something I do not understand my desires are never static I can even go on the road to them and suddenly something happens that completely changes the route maybe I would not mind that much if you were still in my life

I do not know if those route changes are necessary anymore, it’s really sad to think sometimes that I’m making the idea with you vanish without return

When I imagine myself with you, I think about embracing you in healing all the bad things that the world has made you feel. I would like to be able to clarify your ideas and give them a natural style to let you know that you also have the right to all the good things in the world

We were always impossible but we were there believing, waiting for our chance, I trusted you to come and change everything

I always wanted to ignore all the evil you were wanting to keep what I wanted to think about you I put you on the top of the highest mountain and it’s so hard to let my mind look now in another direction

I was left with the desire to try something together something that did not fade I wanted you to hug me very strong every day these thoughts should be forbidden to me because of my current situation now but you know that I am not one of the people who keep everything

I have a very strong desire wandering my mind I have the need to wish that your life is always good that you can find yourself and that you can know that you deserve to be incredibly happy

I try not to forget you because I like that feeling I still like to imagine myself with you.

Photograph taken from Pinterest



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