The meadow

The meadow in the distance small flowers I can see them I can see the tones I see red I see blue flowers they are small you have to observe carefully because the grass is the one that sticks out everywhere

It rains in the afternoons the rain is silent it does not darken the day the color of the sun remains intact among the leaves of the wet trees

The small flowers are still there they are wet they look beautiful it is an afternoon with light and rain I can almost taste it. My heart connects with my body in a different way it is as if I ordered to calm the mind

The thoughts stop, the gaze stays fixed in that landscape, the birds make sounds, they make me feel more calm

The moment makes me travel to a state of time to a state of feelings the same shakes me so hard that I can feel that scene equal to something similar in the past

It connects me like that time when I looked on rainy evenings through the window I could see trees wet with rain. I kept thinking I was a bit scared but at the same time it made me feel good not to ignore the essence of what life is

The afternoon in the meadow feels safe I see a worn wooden corral I see more flowers where the corral begins to look beautiful

It’s still raining sunlight I take a greenish tone my emotions are still I feel the breath I enjoy breathing I do not want to erase that landscape from my memory

What really matters in a human does not age our soul will always be there our appearance is more like the material form what is not seen is the real magic

We come alone here we think the ideas that others want us to think but who else knows you here is yourself is that soul that is inside you with which you enter into conversations that your mind produces that soul is the one that should be followed during a lifetime awake

I would like to be a good person every day but there are times when you have to be fair and justice is not something intentional evil towards other people I would like us to know that

Being able to have mental stability is difficult for all is difficult all the time because we are not happy and smiling people are humans learning to live there can be countless books about explanation there can be countless places on the internet

But humans are anatomically and differently equal beings at the same time no one can give you a book to teach you something they do not know themselves

It is a long way that we must travel we must advance our mind I fly I want to reach it I want to be able to feel significant moments I want them to be trapped inside me and to be able to remember them with the same feeling no matter how much time has passed

I need a bit of that every day. The rain takes a thick form now I do not feel calm in the meadow I began to walk the tragic cold in my bones

I think of that room in that space where they have thought about the most important decisions I think about those sheets that are going to cure me

The sunlight is not a blinking blue it seems that it is taking a gray tone I see my home away. I start to run the rain falls hard I’m scared but I enjoy it

I take off my blue dress I’m nude I’m running through the bare meadow now. I feel my hair on my skin suddenly stumble and I fall suddenly into the wet grass

It feels a little sharp I feel like shivering from the cold I close my eyes and I enjoy it I do not care if I die right now in this wet meadow, I feel good here

The water keeps falling and I do not feel it so strong my body seems to resist it seems to embrace it I think about going back home but I remember that there is nobody waiting for me I remember that I am alone in the world

The rain is weakening as the minutes pass and no more water is falling I wake up and I see that the sunset with an orange color I get up and look at my body I have some leaves stuck to my nothing to worry about

I put on my blue dress I am determined to return home I walk I look back and the meadow gets smaller before my eyes

I feel a party of emotions inside of me no matter how old the weight does not matter, it does not matter at all when you manage to connect with you

That meadow those small flowers I can remember how it feels I can feel the answer to all those times that I wonder about the future I do not need answers I do not want instructions I want to run naked in the meadow while the rain is falling

I want to feel is the only future I want to feel I suppose I’m daydreaming now I’m with my mind paralyzed I think this makes me feel safe

photograph taken from Pinterest



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