A sound that travels through the entire planet while the body is motionless existing among an infinity of bodies that from above are seen as points of an equal color. The bodies are seen as points of a single color seem unnecessary for a blue and green world that already has everything. We insist on existing, on reproducing ourselves to populate a planet with overpopulation that already exists.

Our moments of observation guided by the reflection of our own person as an indomitable ship adrift, feeling empty most of our days here. Many times following plans that have never been ours, we have never felt ours. We are waiting for people who in the end have never imported us

The young mind feels that it rejuvenates with the creation of new ideas, the creation of better future days. There are no such visions of ourselves dancing in happiness, there is no other moment, there is nothing, only this moment. When I was little and I put out the candle of my birthday cake, I did not want toys or to know Disney and its fabulous characters and games. The only thing I remember doing is closing my eyes and wanting to be happy, I remember all my birthdays when I was a little girl I wanted that. Now that I think about it, I get sensitive because I was never happy, because I wanted to be happy on many birthdays

When you grow up you have the idea that you will have absolute understanding of situations that you did not understand before, I am at that stage now and I still think the same about situations that I am supposed to understand now in a different way. Human beings are all that the countless scientific studies want, we will never be predictable beings. We have the power with a decision to change everything predictable that we once were when we told our plans to someone.

When I wake up it feels like a repetition of everything but something fantastic. I can not believe how fast time passes, I’m not going to fulfill another year, something sure. The episodes of questioning if I feel comfortable with my life now are not as constant as before, and that’s a good thing for me.

I’m young I should feel like a fantastic star with flashes that illuminate everything I can see from here. You feel the thrill of doing everything but courage to run for it becomes increasingly miserable not to run away anymore. We are full of fear deepens the little courage agonizes all the time, I am forcing it to be on while I wait and work on roads away from here. The key is to be patient the time you have to wait

The hawk is ready has prepared all his life to fly away at an extremely high speed. The hawk is waiting for that blue sky cleared of any binding that makes it fall, the hawk wants to do well the first time, wants to fly so far and so quickly wants to forget everything left behind. The falcon wants to explore what is not yet discovered, still waiting for that blue sky. The hawk has had to endure strong storms, sun that burns every outer cell, climatic changes of all kinds. The hawk has thought of jumping to the depth of that cliff without raising its flight ever. The hawk is still firm on that pointed rock from the highest waiting for that blue sky, many have been that hawk, many of us are still waiting for that blue sky.

The universe has an infinity of unexplored spaces, the world has the capacity to fulfill even the thoughts turned into impossible desires, we are still afraid to run after all of them. We have the brilliant ability to be able to stop to explore our mind, to lose ourselves imagining. Do not ignore it is the biggest flame of life, the mind is the one that has to synchronize with all our time with life.

Photograph taken from Pinterest

I have existential questions, I have traumas from my childhood, there are moments in which I have insecurities. I like sad music makes me feel good I can not explain that “good”. Even with all my messes, I’m running to the uncertain. I’m running to everything I want to do, I do not mind looking back I just want to keep trying.



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