Flying to Mexico

I’ve always wanted to go to an electronic music festival, I want to feel like flying while I let the music move me without thinking. I did the procedure this year for the Mexican visa, I presented the required documentation and the people in charge of the Mexican Embassy in my country were very kind and happy that I was going to visit Mexico.

I bought the plane ticket a few weeks after receiving the Mexican visa, and I ventured to plan an adventure that I hope is wrapped in culture, history, music, food, and everything unthinkable but positive for my experiences that I look forward to .

Mexico is a unique country in many things I hope to know a bit of all that culture in my days I will be in Mexico City and Puebla. Mexico is a powerful country, I have always imagined it that way, unfortunately most Latin American countries have a series of problems of all kinds, I believe that if we removed all that we would be an unmatched Latin America.

The plane ticket cost me $ 500 (in promotion) which I think is a high price, because the distances are not long. I know that there are not many airlines in my country which means that there is not much competition and that is a point in favor of the airlines that currently exist in my country.

My flight cleared at 5 and 20 this is my first time traveling to another country by plane, comfortable Guatemala last year and was on the bus write about that trip (we canceled the concert of Maroon 5 in Guatemala).

The plane took off with destination to the savior, observe through the window the clouds with the color of the sun, it was an unforgettable sight. It is one of those moments when you realize how incredible the world is. I hope that the future will be a cure for the earth, that does not continue advancing to the contamination, this planet is a gift of God we have the obligation to take care of it because it is this planet that gives us the opportunity to inhabit it. The planet can live if we do not exist, we can not live without it.

Sunset from my plane seat

I saw that amazing sunset through the window, it was very inspiring. Arrive at Salvador at 6 and 10 pm. While waiting for my flight to El Salvador at the airport in my country, I met two men from Costa Rica and we were happy to hear them being happy because they were from Costa Rica. They said it was the happiest place for them to live.

I wish I could say those same words from my country

In El Salvador I chatted with them for a while, talking about issues of life being complete strangers all three but having something in common, being good people. I felt very welcoming that we were related, if this way with the people of Costa Rica, sure it is a HAPPY country.

I said goodbye to them and went to eat something, I really wanted to try the Salvadoran pupusas (a typical savior dish) then when I checked my boarding pass I realized that I had to be in the waiting room. I bought a coffee with milk I cost (3 dollars and 50 cents) is a lot of money for a coffee, but it is an airport cafe and in that place the prices are different to buy them outside the airport, something else in common with the airports hahaha.

While I was waiting in the waiting room with door number 8 in El Salvador, I saw a guy who was watching me for sure because of my style of dress, I wear a long size S pants but the style is loose, with two large bags in front , very useful for my passport and phone, combine it with a sleeveless shirt pink color (a nice and simple pink) accompany this shirt with a large jeans jacket, finally some pink shoes the same tone as the shirt, I love these shoes. The guy who was watching me also had a lot of style!

My trip so far has kept me with a quiet happiness and at the same time with a bit of adrenaline, I hope to be able to take advantage of my days in Mexico and write a lot about all the experiences I hope to have.

I was planning this trip since the end of last year (saving) and the result of so many things that I avoided buying and doing, is now exciting. I do not want to make great expectations about Mexico, I want to be like Surprise Mode, as one day I was told by someone I met at the university, his words were “I do not recommend that you make big expectations about something or the place you go, it is better to be to surprise mode “that’s what I understood from his words and she is absolutely right.

Last year I was planning a trip to meet and listen to Maroon 5 a band that I like very much from its beginnings to the V disc, its last albums I have not liked I feel that they ignore its essence in exchange for just selling and being commercial, it is disappointing for me to think about that.

You can imagine me dancing and going crazy with happiness because I would go to his concert, I imagine being singing and remembering the Daylight song, maps, sad, and all its repertoire of songs. It was not like that, arriving in Guatemala City just getting off the bus to the hotel the band published via twitter that they canceled the concert, and they would move it to another date approximately almost 5 months after that day.

It was very sad that moment for me, but thank God I had very good company and had a great time we met Antigua Guatemala, and a bit of Guatemala City and its nightlife.

For that experience now I do not like to make me high expectations about a place, something, or someone today I try to keep that topic in a neutral way. I will write all my days in Mexico and in this way I will be able to share my experiences. When you are excited to know Mexico, you will have a little idea from my experience.

I’m in my plane seat now, flying through the night air, listening to Rather Be from Clean Bandit. This song moves me it feels great.

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