day one Mexico

I arrived at the airport in Mexico City at 11 o’clock at night. I was a bit nervous when entering into migration, a man who is part of the immigration authority asked me several questions, since it was the first time I entered Mexico. The wording in my passport of permission to leave my country, was wrong and that was reason for several questions from this man, who in the end was kind and recommended me to fix that to avoid future problems.

After passing through migration, I traveled a little from the Benito Juarez International Airport, which is modern and has everything you need to spend a lot, which was not an option for my budget. Everything is more expensive at airports. I went to the bus terminal located inside the airport which is called red star I bought my ticket to Puebla which cost me 310 Mexican pesos. The seats of the bus were very comfortable, the service was excellent and the punctuality is something valuable arrived just the estimated time, I left at 1 in the morning from the airport and arrived at Puebla at 3 in the morning.

A few days before coming to Mexico I rent a loft very well located in Puebla, a simple decoration but at the same time beautiful. This loft has everything you need to make your home the days you visit, the loft is open concept includes a small kitchen with all the essentials to prepare food, which saves you a lot if you eat most of your days outside of house, the loft also has a sofa bed, medium bed, steam iron, dryer, bathroom, social area, a small shelf with books, dishes, pans, refrigerator and a decoration that contrasts with the entire small loft I love !

The cost of the loft is 20 dollars a night, it is a fair price and according to my budget. I arrived at 5 in the morning to the loft I slept almost at 6 in the morning and I woke up at 9 I slept only 3 hours. I was very tired for the whole trip but at the same time very happy and eager to know everything I can know my days here. Upon awakening my body felt the change of climate, I felt the icy breeze running through my body and that beautiful sun that gives you light and life unlike the sun of my country that exceeds 30 degrees and believe me to live in a hot place It can be stressful. The climate here in Puebla seems to have a perfect balance.

Feeling that was necessary, I went for a walk to the city and I came to a restaurant called Flautlán with tortillas with meat, I ordered one vegetarian and one light, and the richest of all was the cucumber water with lemon. Flautlan is a restaurant located near the University of the Americas in Puebla, the design of the restaurant is very nice opposite the street and it is on two floors, the service is excellent, the prices even better, spend 90 Mexican pesos eating delicious.


After lunch I went walking knowing a bit of the University of the Americas from the outside, I wanted to enter and know the facilities but the guard did not let me pass, I will try again one of these days that is here. I arrived to the loft to rest for a while, during the afternoon a beautiful rain fell, when the rain ended I went for a walk in the route to try an Arabic taco which is called the oriental.

Each Arab taco costs 23 Mexican pesos, I tried that taco was delicious, the tortilla, the meat, the customer service, and the facilities. The food in Mexico has affordable prices, I liked very much to realize that most of the businesses here in Mexico are Mexican businesses, with names in Spanish, and people who support theirs.

La Oriental

I really liked seeing that, because in my country most restaurants, stores, and almost everything, are American franchises. The cuisine of my country is delicious, unfortunately most people spend their money in American franchises, these franchises do not help the economy of the country since the owners of these franchises are not Hondurans, but people who emigrated to Honduras many years ago , which are known as Turks, but in reality they are Palestinians and in those days they entered the country with fake Turkish passports due to the conflicts that their country was going through at that time.

These people are practically the owners of Honduras, I recognize that they have been very hardworking people to get to where they are now, but I hate that the country belongs to people who are not Honduran but from other roots, because most of them may have been born today. in Honduras, but they do not consider themselves Hondurans, they consider themselves Turks.

Explore a little more of puebla walking, observe people the streets, and a little of the infrastructure. I’ve realized that Puebla has everything, it has different areas such as being, a modern area, a colonial area, gastronomy area, churches, etc.

According to what I asked, Puebla has different districts with different themes. I realized that in Puebla they have different themes in terms of gastronomy, there are days in which different dishes are served, I understood that in different places tend to have a dynamic the end of the dynamics is not to create monotony in terms of gastronomy , giving local people and tourists different options of dishes that take turns every day.

It was late and back to the loft to try the molotes poblamos which are tortillas with cheese Delicious! I bought a molote which cost 23 Mexican pesos. I walked to the loft, I was very tired not because of walking, but because I had not slept well. I fell asleep at 10 o’clock at night and that was my first day in Puebla.

Flowers on the street, from Puebla

Tomorrow I will write about my second day in Puebla. I hope to know a lot about this amazing place



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