Mexico day TWO

My second day in Puebla

I left the loft at noon around 12 noon, I asked for a taxi and arrived at a craft bakery with a natural concept, I could tell by reading the labels of the products that in that bakery support the local farmers, the local farmers are working people who cultivate the land and sell their products, unfortunately the big companies buy these people at a very low price and that discourages to continue cultivating the land for Mexicans who are engaged in agriculture.

I felt happy because in Mexico they are raising awareness little by little about this issue, and decide to support what is done at home (Products made in Mexico) is a great advance for the country that small entrepreneurs are supporting each other and thus help to Mexico’s economy and money stays and moves there. This artisan bakery is also committed to the environment, I did not see plastic in that place.

While walking in the streets of Puebla, I noticed several places with a message in which you could understand that they were committed to not using straws (plastic straws). Eliminating plastic is what the world needs urgently. The bakery you visit is called sattvika eco-bakery. I bought a mint tea, an anise cookie, and a banana bread cake with nuts. Delicious! Spend for all 60 Mexican pesos. I will leave photographs of the place, if you come to Puebla you have to come to this bakery, it will love you. I swear!

I traveled by car through the city, knowing a little bit which was surprising for me, I never imagined that it was such a historic place, there is a lot to see and learn in this place. I feel that Puebla is progressing to improve many things that are simple, but if they are able to improve they would be of great help for this incredible city. I did not see much pollution in this place, observe the local people and they are very respectful and kind people, the world needs more people like that. I could tell that Puebla is a city with incredible architectural works from stories to modern works.

During the car trip through the streets of the center of puebla, beautiful colors in the infrastructure, it is the first time I see a colonial place with everything very well taken care of, I would like to know all the colonial places of the world, you can feel that you travel In the past there is a lot to see here in Puebla. The historic center of Puebla is the area that is considered the origin of the capital of Puebla. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on December 11, 1987

In my next post (tomorrow) I will write about my experience in the historic center, while walking and knowing the place.

After looking through the window of the car the historic center of Puebla I could not stop marveling at so much colonial beauty. When you know a place with as much culture as that of Mexico you are stunned trying to have a lasting photography memory, of the feeling that something like this produces you.

I arrived to the forts of Loreto and Guadalupe, it was a fleeting visit I will visit this place one of these days that is here, to know in depth its history and to write about it. I could observe several things in that place in my fleeting visit, I knew the viewpoint of the forts you can see the whole city of Puebla is an incredible sight. In that viewpoint there are many locks that local and foreign people leave there promising their partner to be together always or a message of love, something like what exists in Paris France. I was able to read motivational writings on the board (floor) of the viewpoint. I promise to go to the forts before I leave and write about it, and what is there to see and learn.

The padlocks the ritual of lovers

Later, you will arrive at the star of Puebla, a portable observation wheel, which allows you to see the whole city costs 40 Mexican pesos per person, get up and it takes approximately 20 minutes to go around.

The star of Puebla is an observation wheel located in the city of Puebla, inaugurated on July 22, 2013. It received the Guinness record as the largest portable observation wheel in the world, with a height of 80 meters.

It is an incredible wheel perfectly elaborated, an architectural work that allows you to see carefully an extraordinary landscape. Before arriving at the star of puebla between the art park a place full of nature I read that it has an extension of 13 hectares. The art park takes you on a path full of beautiful trees where people can walk or run, while observing the city and breathing a clean air. I saw several people on bicycles, Puebla has exclusive spaces for cyclists and people who walk around the city. I could see a small lagoon with ducks and fish I also saw a turtle. Puebla is leaving me beautiful memories

To enter the art park has no cost, this park offers several activities which it has. An affordable cost. It offers skating activities, mini golf, among others. The art park is connected to the city you can walk along the path while watching from above, part of the city of Puebla.

I learned a lot on day two here in Puebla, I want to absorb everything I can absorb from this historic place like a sponge.



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