Mexico day THREE

My skin is adapting quickly to the cold ice of here. I like to see my skin, I like to take care of it, the cold water on my face helps the circulation of blood. The third day I woke up a little late, I had breakfast to prepare myself, I got ready and went to wait for the bus that would take me to the zocalo de puebla.

I was lucky the bus arrived just as I was leaving the loft. I was lucky because, the buses do not pass at all times. I got on the bus I paid the friendly driver 7 Mexican pesos the trip to the zócalo de puebla hard 40 minutes. I got off and went to the market of flavors a place with all the cuisine of Puebla. I bought a ham cake, I remembered the guy from 8, a successful Mexican humor program worldwide. The character of the guy from 8 loved the ham cakes, which I tried and loved. They have avocado, cheese, ham, and you can add hot sauces.

I ate half of that cake they are huge. I left the flavors market, and walked to the zocalo while walking to observe the center of Puebla, many Mexicans with their small businesses, working hard to get ahead. I had the opportunity to observe everything colonial in Puebla, the monuments, the streets there is much to see, I took a picture with two characters that personify the free and crazy hat, with makeup and spectacular costumes.

Advance a little more until you reach the magnificent cathedral basilica of Puebla with a herrerían style, was built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and replaced the previous one that existed in what is now the atrium. This cathedral is a true architectural work inside and out. On the outside you can see all its majesty a very well made structure with impeccable details and a sense of perfect contrast. Inside you can see works of art that explain the life of Jesus when he was on earth, never in my life had I seen so much art that left me perplexed.

This photograph reflects the altar of the Kings of the cathedral. INCREDIBLE all the paintings except for the Dome were made by Pedro Garcia Ferrer.

Finish my day trying the real Mexican tacos I went to the restaurant don pastor which has several places in Puebla here I will leave a picture of what was requested in this place. I ate two tacos, a complete delicious. It spent 149 Mexican pesos from here can eat 3 or 4 people.



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