Mexico day FOUR

the sunrise came out I was tired because I slept late the night before, I made some breakfast was avocado with corn tortillas. I took some fruits from the refrigerator I put them in my blanket bag I bathed I dressed myself with something simple (a dress with cherry print) I went out to take the bus to the station where the buses that travel to all Mexico are.

When I arrived at the station a warm feeling took hold inside me, I saw many Mexican families traveling, sharing together. In my country I travel most times by car because of the insecurity that exists on the bus. I had not had the opportunity to be in such a large bus station with people who are neat and respect your circulation.

I went to the Red Star bus company and bought a ticket to Africam Safari, a zoo just outside the city of Puebla but in the same state. Africam Safari is a Mexican wildlife conservation park, where animals roam in controlled freedom and captivity. Bus trip anxious to get there was not a trip so far, I liked watching many wild flowers through my window were beautiful. I arrived at Africam Safari and a guide got on the bus while we went forward watching the animals in freedom with adequate conditions to live. It gave me a lot of pity to realize that several animals could no longer be in their natural habitat due to hunting and for that reason they were kept in different places of conservation in the world.

Among the animals I could see were the giraffes, African elephants and their first offspring born here in Mexico, ostriches, camels, flamingos, tiger, three lionesses and a lion, two black bears, birds, monkeys, gorillas, anteater, kangaroos, a rhinoceros the only one in africam safari since they are existing due to hunting, to hear many injustices from many humans towards the animals gave me a deep sadness because due to humans many species have ceased to exist and others are ceasing to exist STOP THIS.

I read a story yesterday before sleep in which he said that the earth has until 2030 to recover from all the pollution otherwise it would collapse and end up with everything we know today. I read a comment in which he said that the land does not have until 2030 to recover, those we have until 2030 is our species (humans) since the land has always survived the extinction of many other species millions of years before we humans inhabited the earth.

I began to reflect on that comment I remembered something I learned a long time ago with respect to the earth, I learned that the earth has the ability to restore itself, as a system of reset erase everything in it and then restore itself , which of course would take millions of years but is sure to be restored. Which leaves me thinking that this comment is completely accurate, humans can not live without the planet earth, the earth if it can live without us even being in its optimal state of purity.

I loved knowing Africam safari I met many animals it is amazing the majesty of the animals how they are biologically composed for their habitat. I learned a lot and I was saddened by the damage we do to him unconsciously to the planet earth and the animals following because this planet also in his home. We pollute the earth with different habits that at first glance do not feel that they will have a negative impact on the earth, but if it has for example the use of plastic, the plastic lasts forever, being a contaminant in view of all, I am giving myself account that little by little many people are realizing that and we are removing those bad habits I hope all humans eliminate the plastic and everything that contaminates our home our planet earth.

They gave us almost two hours to explore an area of ​​Africam safari in which we could see some species more closely, I saw monarch butterflies, crocodiles, turtles, among other beautiful species. I could see the flamencos up close and swear that I love seeing them because always in pictures on the internet when I looked at them I wanted to meet them someday.

Flamingos are birds that are distributed as much in the western hemisphere as in the eastern hemisphere: there are two species in America and one in the old world. They have a Holmur desmognatum skull, with sixteen and twenty cervical vertebrae and anisodácticos feet. Its beautiful color is due to its diet that is based on crustaceans and algae. At Africam Safari they have two natural locations with flamingos.

It was late and I was hungry it was time to have lunch I visited the two africam safari carnies but I do not recommend eating in any of them, the prices are high and the food does not taste good or at least that happened to me with the order of nachos I bought a ticket and the cheapest was 60 Mexican pesos (a lot of money for some nachos) when you go out of Africam Safari you can find better prices, I want to think it’s expensive because part of that money is used for all the animals, When you buy a ticket to Africam Safari you are being part of the conservation of these precious species. Pay to go Africam safari bus 375 Mexican pesos per person in the Red Star company includes the round trip and one entrance to all locations in Africam safari.

They arrived at 4 in the afternoon I got on the bus and I went back to the loft, in the night I tried the pozole is a Mexican dish based on corn, I had never tasted it, I liked it so much I served myself twice. On my trip to Mexico I tried to eat in moderation, but that pozole was delicious it was a pump for my stomach the next day my stomach got out of control. I went to a cafeteria that same night drinking Spanish chocolate a thick hot drink this cafe is located in the zocalo of Cholula puebla that chocolate cost 30 Mexican pesos. I arrived at the loft almost at 11 at night I like to be living and learning every day here during my day 4 I met incredible animals Let’s take care of the earth!



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