Mexico day FIVE

On Monday, Day 5, here in Puebla, walk to a Mexican café called cielito querido café, located in Cholula Puebla. I tried the bread of muertito is a bread based on sugar, flour, inside something like orange marmalade, I ate the head of that little orange glass since it was too big for me and I shared it, it was fun because it gave me a little sadness eat it looked very tender. I paid less than 50 Mexican pesos for the little orange, I do not remember the exact figure but I know it was less than 50 Mexican pesos.

I finished eating that sweet little head, I went to take the bus to the center of Puebla, I went to see the artist’s neighborhood and to buy a very Mexican dress which I wanted to go to an electronic music festival, which in the end I will not go, the reason? The prices increased almost double and my budget, which I brought to Mexico, does not allow me to exceed myself in improvised expenses. I am a believer that in some life situations some plans do not work, everything happens because of something, maybe I will soon have the opportunity to attend an electronic music festival without any unforeseen events.

I arrived by bus to the zócalo de puebla, walk to an area where they sell handicrafts Pueblans the most famous are called Talavera observe amazing designs such as giant catrinas very well designed, definitely populate looks splendidly creating this art called Talavera. I bought a short black Mexican dress, with pink embroidery, I will use that dress in Mexico City, that dress cost me 300 Mexican pesos. I will continue writing about my days in this country where I am learning many new things that feed and expand my mind.

I came to the artist’s neighborhood which is an artistic space in the city of Puebla de Zaragoza in the state of Puebla. The artists work and exhibit their works in view of the tourists and citizens who visit this corridor. You can find cafes and places that offer painting or dance workshops is a neighborhood with different types of art.

I arrived at the loft almost at 7 o’clock at night to help prepare pomodoro pasta an easy and delicious recipe with lots of tomato and basil.



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