Mexico day SIX

I put on my colorful shirt with jeans a little big for me, I went by car to the forts of Puebla. Enter the planetarium is an extraordinary place that simulates a planetary service station in outer space, which offers entertainment and learning. I had never been to a planetarium, I noticed the three-dimensional graphics of the planet earth and the other planets, when you enter the place you feel as if you are in a cabin of a spaceship.

I bought potatoes I put a lot of Mexican chili (La botanera) I went to the seats to see the role of the mexica culture in three-dimensional you do not need glasses, the screen is totally incredible and you feel that the mexica culture clothes you and enters through all your pores is a New and unforgettable feeling I learned a lot about Mexica.

A small video of the mexicas’ performance. awesome 3 D

In 1519, the year of the arrival of the Spaniards in central Mexico, a large part of Mesoamerica was under the control of the Aztec culture, who had forged in a little more than a century a powerful empire that extended from the northern border of the area to the isthmus of Tehuantepec, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Their culture formed a rich and complex religious, political, astronomical, philosophical and artistic tradition. The Mexica or Aztec society was divided into 3 classes: Nobles, commoners, and slaves. Commoners were given land to build a house. The nobles were: Nobles of birth, priests and warriors, who had won this title. The majority of the population was made up of artisans, farmers, or workers in public services. They were organized in kinship groups called calpulli.

They made sculptures of stone or wood. They made all kinds of ornaments using gold, silver and precious stones. They built pyramids to make offerings and honor their gods. In these temples human sacrifices were made, as compensation and payment to the gods.

The planetarium of puebla offers different functions, the entrance to the planetarium of Puebla cost 70 Mexican pesos per person, included a tour around the planetarium and the entrance to the function. You can also visit the evolution museum which is free on Tuesdays (the entrance). I left the planetarium with a bit of hunger, I saw the menus of different places to eat and I ordered roasted nopal with lemon and salt plus a corn tortilla cost almost 36 Mexican pesos, which is very expensive since the nopal is something that is grown in Mexico to enormous amounts, but as logic in tourist places the food is more expensive.

I went back to the loft to change clothes (a more comfortable one) I went to action park I played mini golf and I went to go karts it was a fun afternoon I paid 85 Mexican pesos and I had access to go karts and mini golf. Return to the loft almost at 10 o’clock at night. Puebla is a city in which I have known a lot, the security it provides is cozy gastronomy a complete delight, and prices are accessible throughout. I need a lifestyle in which I can feel this way, to be able to travel to know new places to learn from them and to feel LIVING.




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