Mexico days 7, 8 and 9

My days 7 and 8 in Puebla had a slightly sad feeling I did not want to leave, Puebla is a magical place its name has it right. I met the largest pyramid in the world, which is hidden under a mountain. The pyramid of Cholula Puebla is an Aztec temple, with a base four times larger than the others and almost double the volume.

I paid 70 Mexican pesos for walking inside while a guide explained the story, the interior feels very cold, several doors were closed, there was no access, you could see the depth of that underground pyramid, I felt a little afraid when imagining the past. Some generations leave an unparalleled impact in the world, sometimes even impossible to overcome

The pyramids of Cholula make you fly the imagination, in that temple they had unimaginable constructions in spite of the time in which they were built and that is the incredible thing of the place. They had different gods and sacrificed innocents, to ask for something in return. The traditions they had seem taken out of a fantasy book, what they did swear it looks like a magic tale. History says that it is past, but I think that its knowledge was futuristic in its multiple traditions.

I went through a small part of the underground pyramids when I left the place and saw that huge property in which under it there is a story that is still alive and attracts the attention of many people around the world. When leaving the place, I tried the famous grasshoppers insects that here in Mexico are eaten with lemon and chile, it cost me a lot to make the decision to try them, never in my whole life I had eaten any insect, I tried the grasshoppers are a delicacy.

I went back to the loft, my body felt very tired, in people I walked a lot. On the way back to the loft I went to the artisan bakery and tried the vegetarian pizza, a little pizza with a coffee latte, a very good combination. I arrived at the loft, I started to assemble my luggage the next day I had to go to Mexico City, the capital of this country that is amazing in culture. My day number 9 was to travel for two hours to the capital I arrived at the airport there I would meet someone, we went to lunch at a restaurant inside the airport, this person paid for my food, I insist the airport food is too expensive.

A taxi to the room in which I would stay, located in the countess, charged me almost 500 Mexican pesos, which was more expensive than the Puebla bus to Mexico City. Install the Uber application and find out how much it cost What do you think? Uber charged me less than 200 Mexican pesos, which I thought was fair because of the distance in which the place I wanted to go was. Uber is salvation, taxis are really disgusting. They have to charge the right amount of money. All people must use Uber when they travel or instead, it’s safer, faster, and cheaper.

I arrived at the building where my room was, this room is in an apartment where a couple lives, they have been very kind, I liked the concept of this apartment, this couple is all artistic and they have several decorations based on recycling. In Mexico City it rains during the afternoons, the weather has a bit of everything in these moments. During the night of the 8th, I went to the supermarket to buy several foods to make my breakfasts and dinners the days I was here.

My 9th day I woke up very early to breakfast, I was happy it was my 20th birthday and you do not feel the magic of birthday like when you are a child, but in my case I felt happy to move forward in this uncertain life. When I imagined 20 I thought I would be a serious and old adult, I was a girl and for children a person of 20 looks like an old adult that you have to respect. My 20th birthday was the first time I got on a subway, they are fast but here in Mexico City you have to travel when there are no hours in which people come or go from their jobs, because hours the meter becomes saturated with people.

Travel by metro to Coyoacán where the museum of Frida Kahlo is located. I made some subway changes, I still do not know how they work it was all like a confusion inside my head, but fortunately with the help of several local people, and Google map I was able to reach my destination. I walked several blocks to reach the blue house of Frida Kahlo, to my surprise an ocean of people lining up to enter, it was my birthday and I did not want to be in line all day, so I postponed physically knowing the interior of Frida’s house Kahlo to another day, because his story paintings I have known them deeply through reading.

I decided to put a good face on this situation that I found a bit stressful, since the majority of the line was made up of people from Mexico, which seems selfish to me on behalf of the organization of the museum since the locals can come and the times. days that you want. For foreigners like me it is more difficult to come, because you have to travel and spend on a series of things that probably a local will not have to go through. I left the place and I explored a bit of Coyoacán. The area is very touristy and the prices at the top of its splendor, a taco one only cost 40 pesos. Can you imagine it? I do not know if in all the places of Coyoacán but in the place that I asked that was the price.

I walked a lot on the 8th, I knew part of Coyoacán, I liked it but at the same time I realized that Mexico has many things to improve, for example in the subway a local told me to be careful with my bag because they could open it and take me out my things, in my country things are even worse in all possible aspects, for that reason I always pass with the enormous desire to live in another country, I am working to make that reality I want to think that it is only a matter of time.

Mexico City is huge feels a sense of helplessness not being able to know all the culture that this place has. My days here are not as many as I would like and the distances here are very far away. I returned to the apartment at about 6 in the afternoon my birthday day was a day to know new places, I am happy to turn 20, I am happy with the person I am now and with the person I want to BE in the uncertain future.



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