Day 10 Mexico

My 20th birthday left me many moments of reflection, it made me think about how I saw my life at this moment and it made me wonder if I was happy. I answered myself saying that life is not easy for most people in the world, life has so many obstacles in which many times you get to lose your mind. On some other occasions you do not understand what is really going on, you even get stuck somewhere you do not identify. It is not our fault sometimes to be stranded, unfortunately most of the times I have been stranded are given because I can not do anything to get out of there, and I have to create a new set of circumstances to get out as soon as possible.

My 10th day in Mexico City brought a feeling that gave me calm, my body previously felt a bit tired, it had been 10 days already, in which I left very early to walk, to travel by bus, and all that had tired a little my body, but my soul wants to take advantage of every second. I took a long bath with warm-iced water, I dressed in comfortable clothes and walked from the apartment in which I am to Chapultepec, my current location is quite good, it is quite close to the metro, that is valuable since the metro connects with all The city of Mexico is also quite cheap since it costs 10 Mexican pesos and with that you can reach your destination. Every time you enter the subway you pass with your ticket or your recharged meter card you put your ticket or card in a detector and then you can enter and with those 10 pesos take the subway to where you want to go that, if you have to locate yourself with a map and that depending where you go that will tell you how many stops you have to do or how many changes of wagons.

The current technology is so useful using the map of your cell phone you can not miss anywhere, just write down where you want to go, follow the map and that’s it. From the room of the apartment in which I am staying, it was quick to walk to Chapultepec, from there I could read several activities that can be done in this immense forest surrounded by great stories. Walk to the Chapultepec Castle, you have to climb a few meters, before entering the castle I saw a variety of cactus which I photographed, soon upload all the pictures to Pinterest in which you can find me with the username kafmeblog.

If you like to walk I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes here in Mexico you walk a lot the meters leave you in the area you want to go to, but when you get off you have to walk to where it is exactly where you want to go. I recommend that you bring your card if you are a student because with that you save a lot of money, here in Mexico they support the students a lot, I have noticed that since in several places they give you a discount if you present your student card, it is essential that show your card in the museums you save more than half of what you would pay in normal rate, there are even museums here in Mexico where you can enter for free if you show your student card Do not forget!

Present my student card before entering the Castillo de Chapultepec when presenting the ticket was free. The Castillo de Chapultepec highlights everything about the colonial era, when entering that place, it is perplexed by such construction and pieces that are exhibited in that place. In Chapultepec Castle lived great characters of Mexico as Maximilian and Carlota in 1864. It was until 1939 that President Lázaro Cárdenas established the site as national heritage, and in 1944 it was declared a National History Museum.

The Castillo de Chapultepec is huge, to be able to appreciate it you have to occupy almost a whole day there is much to read and observe, from the architecture to its history from every corner of this castle. The room and bathroom of Princess Carlota is too ostentatious a work of colonial art.

Carlota was a princess originally from Belgium became Aztec empress in the fleeting period between October 1863 and May 15, 1867, is one of the most controversial characters in Mexican history. Wife of Maximilian I (1832 -1867) until his tragic death in front of a firing squad. Frustrated by her longed for and never reached motherhood and victim of serious mental disorders, the attractive and dramatic life of Carlota has been the subject of many films and novels. In the Castillo de Chapultepec you can see from your room to its history at the time in which he lived in the Castillo de Chapultepec.

Carlota’s room was a huge surprise to me, never in my 20 years of life had I seen such an artistic room, the colors, the finishes, the material, EVERYTHING is a combination that manages to catch the eye and take you to a lot of imagination to get an idea of ​​what life was like at that time for upper class people.

I went around the museum losing the notion of time I took many pictures which I will upload as soon as possible to my Pinterest account. When leaving the castle I was very hungry I went to eat at a restaurant called the viewpoint, with very good service and dishes in this restaurant spend almost 500 Mexican pesos on food for two people, it is the highest I have spent in a restaurant here in Mexico.

It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon I went straight to the metro in which I traveled for almost two hours to Xochimilco I wanted to know the trajineras, I did not know that the trip would be so long I arrived almost at 7 o’clock at night, honestly I did not feel safe maybe it was because of how dark it looked, in the end I did not get into the trajineras their prices are too high and you have to go at least with a group of 20 people to divide the price per person and it will be profitable to go up. I was very curious in that place I saw lockers in which they sold tickets for works that you could see while traveling in the trajineras, for being the month of October (day of the dead) the works are about everything related to that topic.

I dined in a French restaurant a coffee latte and shared a delicious sandwich courtesy of my boyfriend’s uncles, which I was very happy to meet.



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