See you soon Mexico!

Mexico already I miss you with all the depths existing within me. My country currently (Honduras) is going through the worst moment in its history. Knowing Mexico gave me that feeling of what it would be like to live away from here I need that I need the climate of Puebla every day, I want to be able to go for a walk while I see beautiful places, I want to be able to travel by public transport without being afraid of being murdered for robbing me I know that Mexico also has problems of insecurity, poverty, politics, social and so on, but despite all that, which I hope with its democratically elected new president, all these problems will disappear despite Mexico and its problems. which you can still have a decent life if you work hard, I admire many people that I saw so hard-working in the street cooking, selling sweets, working with dignity I admire that kind of people who do not give up.

Two days before I came back to my country, I went to the Frida Kahlo museum, it was a Sunday, the rows were huge, I had a lot of patience, like all the people who were waiting. I was in line for almost two hours, upon entering it was a feeling of relief and a fulfilled desire since after reading the story of Frida Kahlo, I deeply wanted to know that blue house where lived a life that currently inspires millions of people. people around the world.

I went into the blue house and walked slowly through the garden, while reading small fragments accompanied by photographs, the first one was about the dedications of Diego Rivera to Frida Kahlo, then vice versa. We entered a room where Frida Kahlo’s clothes and accessories were. You can read in various spaces on the wall information about everything your eyes see.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter, her life was marked by enormously sad things, situations in which it would be very difficult to think that she could get ahead, even so Frida Kahlo was a brave woman, her personality was wrapped in painting, in her incalculable love by Diego Rivera and his beloved Mexico. Frida Kahlo is a woman who went down in history, her story inspires me to be strong to continue defending the things in which I believe and to run to all those things that I want.

The suffering and pain that it had was able to transform it into a whole story that happened to be admired and to leave a legacy that currently lives latent in the life of all those who know in depth its history, which you can read in books, see in documentaries, on Netflix you can find the film by Frida Kahlo interpreted by Salma Hayek

The sensation that travels in my body when entering that blue house is a sensation that travels to my mind and becomes a million thoughts that try to travel to the past while observing a historical legacy. Frida Kahlo was a woman completely mistress of her life and so brave as to direct her in her own way, the suffering she had turned into art a bond that connects with all those people who have gone through traumatic moments and so miserably sad.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican woman who had the courage for everything except to surrender, she is a woman who should have deserved much more in life, she must have been loved and respected by everyone who had the opportunity to know her and be part of her life. People like Frida Kahlo deserve to be the inspiration for people who struggle to one day be at peace with themselves and be brave enough to make their life whatever they want to do.

You can go to that blue house located in Coyoacán in Mexico City you can see Frida Kahlo’s personal objects and some of her paintings, it is admirable what a person sure of herself and her ideals can create. Many people queuing outside the blue house, waiting for hours to get inside and know the place where Frida Kahlo lived.

Frida you inspire me!

You can find all the pictures I take at the Frida Kahlo museum, on my Pinterest account the user is kafmeblog. To be able to take photographs in the Frida Kahlo museum you have to pay a permit which costs 30 Mexican pesos.

My 12th day in Mexico was unforgettable, I respect everything that was the life of Frida Kahlo, a human being who existed and became immortal because it is one of the pillars in the artistic history of a country as big and important as it is Mexico.

When I presented my student card I got a discount which only paid 45 Mexican pesos for entering, the days Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days in which the museum is full. When leaving that unforgettable place I went to lunch at a vegan restaurant (I’m not vegan) in which I ordered some charro beans Delicious!

After going to lunch I went to the Cineteca which is very close to the Frida Kahlo museum, I went to see the facilities, then I sat for a while on the lawn for a coffee, at the Cineteca they have a large outdoor space in which You can sit on the lawn and enjoy your food or drinks as long as you are clean and tidy.

I went back to the apartment and slept early, the next day was the 13th (last) on this trip to Mexico. I wanted to wake up early to go explore the Mexico City zocalo a bit and get to know a chocolate museum.

My 12th day the last of my trip to Mexico had to be lived every second, I hope to return very soon to Mexico there are a lot of places that I need to know. My 12th day in Mexico was a visit during the morning to a chocolate museum, there are many things in this life that I find interesting, the history of chocolate is a general fact that I vaguely remember. On Monday in Mexico City almost all the museums are closed, after visiting the chocolate museum I went to the cafeteria in that place I did not enjoy the hot chocolate I have tried one that is delicious in Copan Ruinas a place in Honduras.

The chocolate museum which I met is located in Colonia Juarez, a museum where you can learn a lot from the history of chocolate to its preparation, pay 50 Mexican pesos by presenting my student card.

Then I went to the palace of fine arts I got on the subway bus, I walked through the park and then I arrived at a market that is before arriving at the palace of fine arts. I was curious to see several colorful stalls where several craftsmen sold their products. The palace of fine arts is an architectural work built in water since the time of the Aztecs, it would be interesting if you look and read about this is quite interesting since several buildings in Mexico City can be seen that are a little inclined.

After knowing a little about the exterior of the palace of fine arts, I went to lunch I left the restaurant to walk knowing the zocalo of Mexico City there are many stores of different things all the infrastructure of the stores respect a colonial concept, it is truly beautiful.

I met a place called Polanco is a European-style colony I went by subway to that place, I went to see the shopping center Antara ate in a restaurant called Panda in which they sell Asian food. Arrive before 8 pm at the apartment, pack my clothes the next day my flight left at 6 thirty in the morning, I had to get up at 4 in the morning the next day, ask for an Uber and go to the airport .

Mexico is incredible has a unique cultural wealth in the world hopefully one day they can solve all their problems to become the country that all those good working and dreamer Mexicans long for.



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