Give me light

I stopped to think about how I hate the humid weather makes me scream with all these years here I still can not have a smiling relationship with this climate that burns my skin. I like the sun when the skin feels cold I like that kind of weather, here it’s hot almost all year long I feel I can not bear that anymore, I hate to close the windows and use air conditioning, I can not stand closed spaces anymore.

That was my thought dancing hard in my head yesterday, which made me realize that many people are unhappy and on many occasions nothing has to do with something direct, sometimes they are things that indirectly influence it becomes so difficult to decipher the reason of our mental misfortune that we try to blame someone or something, when that has nothing to do with how we can come to feel.

My country has many problems now, and it is even an insult that I focus on what I hate the climate of the city in which I currently live, I can not come and get involved then put in my head all the bad that this place is now, Because I would die of depression, what I do is to trust strongly that soon I will leave here. I can not trust strongly that the country will solve its problems and it will be a dream place because every day it gets worse and it does not seem to go backwards.

I read a phrase was the foot of a photograph which said “No matter how long I take, I will find my beautiful place” that made me put everything in perspective and give me a powerful hope. I know that some people who managed to fulfill their dreams, encourage you to meet yours but do not tell you that dreams are often money in disguise, dreams cost money is offensive but it is true and you have to work hard to at least try to meet them .

You have to live with reality accompanied by all those things that can inspire you to give yourself all that strength to not stay stagnant seeing how life passes in front of you as if nothing mattered. A place can influence your unhappiness, a job, people, and all those frustrated things that you think you’ll never be able to do. Sometimes I enjoy a little observing everything that surrounds me, think further and reflect that gives me some kind of learning that will help me understand some future situation, everything is indirectly related.

Download an application two days ago is an application to draw is a platform that has many free tools with which you can draw and relax while doing it. I always wanted to have the gift of drawing that drawing techniques were easy for me, maybe I never put the effort and interest in those two things are necessary to learn. These days I have been perplexed seeing all those works of art I have seen in pictures the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, it is extraordinary what you can feel when you take the time to appreciate art.

I have always liked the paintings, I remember how before I visited the garage sales were not such as a garage sale where you buy things directly from the owners, these sales of things were more people who brought different items from other countries old things but in good condition. I bought different old paintings that dazzle me to look a little worn out I feel that time gives them a sentimental value that gives me a truly meaningful feeling.

One of the many paintings I bought, in those garage sales made me realize something I will never forget and I have to explain why …

All my life has been difficult in terms of stability, my parents had me in their teens my dad was still in college they never married or lived together, my dad met me at 3 he did not know of my existence until then . By seasons I lived with my mom, then with my dad, other seasons with my mom’s family, other seasons with my dad’s family, I changed school almost every year, I was always unstable in a home, I suffered a lot times because I could not understand all the constant changes I had to make.

One of those many paintings that I bought said “Home is where the heart is” that’s what the phrase says since it’s in English. That phrase was the answer to all that accumulated confusion that I had all those years that go from one place to another, living many times with strangers because even though they were family, they were unknown people to me. That phrase in that painting made me understand that it does not matter where it does not matter how many times I have to move, it is worth the love that I put into the space in which I find myself, my heart all that illusion that the soul translates and we call it a heart, the home will be wherever it is and starting over always has to mean something positive.

I’m painting now on my cell phone, the technology is great, I can start practicing in my free time, maybe I can soon get into a real painting course, meanwhile I’m enjoying relaxing a lot while painting ideas of my mind related to something I like. , although I think that a child can make better drawings hahaha. It’s never too late to try

I would like to learn many things related to art, to keep busy in things I like is indescribably positive for my life, we have the ability to be good at everything we want to do, it’s just a matter of discipline and concentration it’s hard to start but once what you start becomes great.

All the environment to which you are exposed influences your life positively or negatively, you have to reflect on all this and make decisions to make changes, the black hole where there is no daylight is not what you deserve, it is not Only one that exists you have to explore several scenarios and realize what you need to change your life. I’m working on it, I hope that if you find yourself in the same situation, try to start working on changing your life and see only light.



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