Innu and the meaning of life

Running through the clouds looking down and realizing how small and insignificant everything is from above, imagine yourself from space. Having fear on earth worrying about everything but living, it is so pleasant when you listen to your breath you feel how the body connects and only you matter.

Meditation is something positive and vital to our mind. Leave everything blank and order our thoughts you should try, you can find several meditation videos on the internet. We should be alone against the world and not the world against us alone and fragile.

I know that all kinds of relationships are complicated we would like our life to be a completely happy short film, I want that every day of my life but I’m losing time and then I start again with that thought and it’s not happy. We do not feel anything when we grow we do not feel anything when important decisions of a person in society are made, it feels as if all that planning is nothing more than absurd goals that society puts on you to give a little meaning to life.

All the power we need is not in another external place, all that power is in us, you have to be brave to be able to create stability in that and live by your own rules. It is boring many days of life until you feel that it is just to die. We could not think of an eternity here, in this world that dies. The more we grow and the more we understand life, the episodes of depression are even more painful. I’ve realized that life alone does not make any sense, the things we do are what give meaning to life.

I will tell you a little story that was born from a reality of my thoughts so that you understand that life alone does not make any sense. Read and reflect concentrate and imagine

In a green meadow in the distance of a small town lived a man his name was Innu he had moved away from his village, he was tired of his routine life. He worked for a long time in harvesting the land he worked almost every day. You might think that this kind of life is not inspiring but, what they do not know is that Innu inadvertently enjoyed planting in his plots of land. He harvested corn, beans, bananas, avocados, coffee, in most of his lands he harvested coffee and when he grew Innu he sold it and with that money he reached and even saved, with that he could buy more plots of land to grow different fruits.

With the money he saved he built his house a small brick house with a room, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Outside that house I had a patio with fruit trees like oranges, lemons and mangoes. Innu was known in his town, he was appreciated for being a hard working man, Innu had never left his village, in that town people only worked married and had children.

Innu had not yet married, nor thought of wanting to have children, after some time of living in his cozy house, Innu was losing the sense of everything that surrounded him. He thought that perhaps what he needed was to get married and have children so that his life would make sense, Innu did not want to have to marry he felt that he had not been born for that, Innu decided to sell everything saving most of his money and took a small part to build a house in the middle of a green meadow.

Innu’s new house was like something out of a magic story in that meadow there was a beautiful waterfall, in the afternoons while Innu drank coffee he could hear the noise of the waterfall, in the mornings the sounds of the birds were beautiful, and the Weather during the night was nice.

After several days Innu began to become depressed, he felt that his life was stagnant that the magic of that place had turned into a terrible sadness. Innu was still young and 48 years old, he still had a long time to live, Innu was healthy of his body but his mind was dying day by day his stability was falling and he did not know what to do to order his ideas, Innu only knew the town and The meadow.

One afternoon while Innu was tucked in while outside it was raining cats and dogs, Innu took out his old things from a small trunk and found a map, he had the money to travel. Innu bravely packed his clothes the next day and left. He arrived at the town station and went by bus to the city, Innu was very intelligent he learned fast got a job as a construction supervisor.

In that place he realized that what they were building was a hotel, because the city was quite tourist. Innu had an idea he thought that if he rented his little house in the meadow as a kind of Hotel he could make money, and the people who came from tourists would be happy staying several days in that house that seems to him a magical place when you are only a few days . Innu learned how to rent places and started renting his little house, in a very short time Innu house was a tourist destination for local people and foreigners.

Innu over the years bought more properties near that meadow, built only three houses, bought all the land and hired people to cultivate the land and thus offer visitors organic food. For Innu it was important to care for and preserve nature and that is why he bought all the property so that no other person could build and settle that natural place.

The constructions that Innu made were with materials made from the earth, such as bricks and tile roofs. Innu realized that the meaning of life is what one does with it, and not what life does with us. In the days Innu lived in that small house in the meadow, in many of the afternoons sitting in an armchair he felt like life was going on, while he felt he was dying of depression without knowing where to go.

Life could pass and disintegrate Innu over time, but as soon as he decided to leave that place and spend his life learning and doing new and positive things life made sense for him and he continued to live his life and not letting life I will go through it.

I just imagined and took out of my imagination this little Innu story. I’m wondering if I feel like Innu when the magic of that house in the meadow died for him, or if I feel like when Innu found that old map.

Maybe only lack courage? You on which side of you find?

Photograph taken from Pinterest



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