Calm Tide

Creating multiple scenarios are all different, the only thing in common is to imagine myself happy in all of them, the imagination has clothed me is healthy, the toxic around would give me toxic ideas and I have moved away so much that I can hardly see it anymore.

I have problems working every day in my confidence, in the acceptance completely to myself, my interior and everything I want, and I am mentally this 100 percent accepted, but I have problems with my weight. I hate that superficial part, I hate the importance that we put in the head to the weight, being healthy is the important thing, but the industrial indirectly influences how the “perfect” body should be

I get naked and I see myself in a mirror I do not like my legs, I would like to see them thinner and toned, I exercise four days or five days a week, one hour, now it is half an hour of yoga and half an hour of focused exercise is changing depending on the days, for example on Mondays I do yoga-abdominals, Tuesday yoga-glutes, yoga-arms Wednesdays, yoga Thursdays, I like my current exercises, yoga works my whole body and gives me relief.

I have photographed my body undressed on different days sometimes I hate what I see and sometimes I like what I see, I never manage to be in a balance of acceptance with my weight, and it makes me sick every time those standards of beauty so thin and perfectly aligned hit my head. I know it’s wrong and it should cure me, but it’s hard for the mind to get crazy.

I am eating well, I am following my own three steps which are: healthy food, natural products and exercise. Each of these three things is improved in the long term while I discover everything about each thing, maybe today I do it well, maybe after I do better, and then even better is a process I hope to achieve it, I have discovered several things related to all this, I like to discover.

It is a long way and I stumble a lot, it is as if every step I take is wrapped in a vine that does not allow me to move forward, in a relaxed way I hope to achieve it is hard but it is not impossible. I was remembering my self when I was in school, I remember that once I won the third place in poetry I remember that school had so many artistic opportunities, but my teacher did not like me because I was never applied in school, many times I wanted to participate in different contests and she never let me alone because my average was quite low, it hurts to remember that because there are many people who want to try new things and the people who are the “authority” as in that case the teacher puts you high and do not let you fly.

I have learned that if you want to do something in your life you have to make the decision and do it, you can not wait for someone to give you a signal you can not think that someone has to tell you “hey it’s a good idea to do it” you can not get there to believe that in that way you would advance, I was a girl and I suffered a lot because I suffered because at that age I did not know I was right, I feel that affected me to such a degree that now that I remember it hurts I feel sad that There are people to whom they give positions of authority and these people are despicable beings who think that things should be done as they think without ever taking into account the opinions of those they lead, it is the 21st century and those things continue to happen.

I have insecurities most people have them, I want to overcome it is difficult the mind controls us most of the time but I try to try to control my mind, I feel forward but as I wrote the way is quite long, when you change your short-term plans I swear things go well in most cases.

I can write posts about self-confidence maybe at the time I write it, I feel motivated because something went well, but that does not mean that my motivation state is at its optimum level every day, I am a human being the world can balance certain days the more I know the world the more you can change me that’s amazing and interesting, it’s just a matter of having more balanced days and only a few of mental imbalance, it’s normal you need that to see both sides.

Emotional intelligence is even more incredible than all other types of intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the one that controls everything you do, is the one that can direct you and make you feel sure of yourself, emotional intelligence is not something that is brought, but something that is learned and it is about maintaining that’s why I write about the days of mental equilibrium and the days when a complete mess is made, I need to think about it to reorder my ideas is so powerful that it can cure any bad feeling in a matter of seconds.

Insecurities should not exist but they are part of human beings, they can be overcome no matter how impossible they seem to believe in it, even though I also think it is impossible you can think for a few seconds and realize that everything is mental. The detonator of the mental imbalance is the environment to which you are exposed, you have to be prepared for changes and be strong so as not to be mentally affected by the toxic environment, you can stay there and be strong or you can leave that place and find another kind of environment a different and positive.

We can get to feel that we do not belong to the place where we live, you have to go out and know different places to think about how you feel in all of them, choose where you would like to stay. It’s like relationships, if you’re with someone who makes you feel miserable most of the time, you want to run away. If you are with someone who makes you feel good, you want to stay. The environment works in the same way

The mental balance is all that is needed to try everything we want to do, I am working on thinking it is pure fuel for the general well-being of our minds.

Photograph taken from Pinterest


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