Yellow sky

Clear and blue is the sky while the pollution does not catch it, you want to stop to look for a long time to get an idea of ​​what its end, you continue with your life and you ignore the magic that happens around.

Look at your eyes I see them look at me make me miss you and you’re still here. Blocking emotional dependence is not that difficult but you make it seem like a challenge that I try not to forget. I can not promise to be at peace, peace has only been given me in very small doses I would like to catch it but it runs away so much that I never saw its starting point

I hate when I want you to return you are not good to share with another human being. You self-destruct you make yourself miserable while you live in one of the best cities in the world, I regret not having told you enough how important your mind is in this world that is no longer the place it was.

The blue and yellow lily exists right outside my window in the room that creates my mind and that I always want to have, it is not a luxurious room my mind could easily create it, but this room I want is simple with that rustic touch that improves everything . That blue lily is strong, the rain falls hard on it and it remains intact. It is beautiful to imagine how it smiles at me.

I could not be firm all those days I would not want to go back through time if I could, I do not want to change anything I think that must have happened to be able to miss a bit of all that, I like to miss it reminds me of the power of courage that we never gave to something that we touch with our hands and then destroy it only in that way you can think about it when it no longer exists.

The girl was able to get away from all that place that confused her mind but she still has a long way to go and she fears she will not reach the destination she has wished, she fears being stranded in the cold conformity. The girl is immersed in thoughts that should not exist in her mind, delays everything she has had to overcome, you can not miss some things from your past no matter how strong the feeling is even when it makes me feel good to miss, I can not stay tied the time is not tied down follows its course no matter absolutely nothing should learn from the powerful time.

I know that not every day we want to exist, some do not even make us feel alive, we want to feel it but you can not force it to arise, the petals fall and re-bloom constantly we are the bottom that remains firm even when we believe that firmness became a deep hole from which you forgot with time and you stayed there without knowing that there is something different, a different world.

Do not compare yourself with anyone, do not make the mistake in wanting someone else’s life do not betray yourself keep your identity strong repeat it in your head as many times as necessary. You have a different tone to everything that seems to be the same color, discover what it is and do not let go.

The breeze runs away during afternoon hits the face, ignites feelings that were forgotten brings them strong again just a few seconds are enough to make noise in all the soul that does not have the freedom that you want yet can not fly for all the world still lacks A lot to go the starting point is ready it feels real now, do not let it go it may be possible to keep the powerful faith strong.

Photograph taken from Pinterest



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