10 outfits for every occasion

The smell of the new is addictive. Not all women in the world can spend thousands of dollars on clothes, in fact when you decide to go shopping with a budget you can spend many hours looking for something that you can combine with other items that you have in your closet. It is important to choose quality clothes, observe the type of fabric as it should be washed, when you inform yourself about any doubt you have everything works better.

It is crippling all the time spent trying to combine the clothes, chaos order by not knowing what to wear there are several sources on the Internet that promise to help but the reality is that many of these sources are confusing. It is not healthy for autonomy to solve every little problem on the internet that only makes you dependent, it may be practical but in the long run it will be information that will vanish seconds after having been useful, that happens when you watch videos or read articles that you can not understand In its whole.

I like to dress with comfortable clothes I try to create a set with the clothes that allow me to look good and feel comfortable. It is difficult to think that you can look good feeling comfortable with what you wear, we have heard that to look good you have to endure uncomfortable heels, tight clothes, very elaborate hairstyles, hours and hours before fixing which is tedious to just imagine it. I could not lead a life in which I have to endure that stress I need to breathe easy while I enjoy my time choosing the clothes that I will wear is part of our life we do not have to complicate it.

The first thing you have to do is have your own space, one where you can have your clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories, etc. I’m not sure if it happens to all of us, but usually we always have an order with the clothes in which the first one is the clothes to go out and the second one is the clothes to be at home. To have an order with the clothes you must categorize as follows: Sportswear, sleepwear, dresses, shirts with sleeves, sleeveless shirts, long-sleeved shirts, skirts, shorts, jeans, etc. In your wardrobe you have to give a space to each category of clothes, that way you will have all the order and every time you look for clothes you will know what category to go to, you will save time you will not have stress.

The clothes racks are a genius for hanging clothes, what I do is to hang the dresses in hooks of a single color, for example if you have colored hooks you can choose a color suppose it is the green you will hang all your clothes in green hooks, that in case that you have many colored hooks usually when you buy hooks to hang clothes you do not think what color to buy or what style of hooks to buy in the long run this creates that you have many hooks of different colors even without realizing this creates a visual disorder in the garments being hung all together, a good way to fix that is assigning a color of hooks for the different types of clothes that you decide to hang.

photograph taken from Pinterest

When you can give an organized space to your clothes you will notice the difference. You can see the clothes you have what you can create by combining colors you do not have to use the same regularly since a basic white shirt can be combined with many clothes and give a different look every time you combine it with other clothes. The same thing happens with shirts with different colors, a red shirt not only combines with something black or white, we have that idea because it is general information but we must not fall into the mistake of dressing with that guideline when falling in that creativity closes and the multiple sets that can be assembled with the different colors.

photograph taken from Pinterest

photograph taken from Pinterest

I found ten combinations of garments that you can use for every occasion, from casual to glamorous. You do not have to follow dress codes to which you think we should adapt, I like to try different things, they light up the spark of creativity.

Number 1

Look at that set, I know you do not have it (I do not have it either) You do not have to go to a store and look for the same or something similar. All you have to do is observe the colors, the style of the shirt, the skirt, do you have a jeans skirt? Perfect already have a piece of the set, you have a long sleeve shirt? Any color, it does not matter but you have stripes, if you have a long sleeve shirt white or red, choose a soft color Do you have it? Perfect, it’s the second piece of the set. Do you have a portfolio of a similar color? If your answer is no, use another color you can choose between black, white, coffee, cream, any of those colors will look good with the skirt and long sleeve shirt.

Do you have shoes like that? Remember, they do not have to be the same color, or the same adornment if you like to be in fashion for sure and you will know that these types of shoes can be combined with almost everything and that can be found in many different styles, sure you have a pair with a style different from photography, and if not, you can use neutral shoes to combine.

Photo Taken From Pinterest

Photo Taken From Pinterest

Do you have sunglasses? Sure, that’s another piece of the outfit. You can choose an accessory according to how you decide to comb, if you make a hair bun with a pair of big earrings, without using the chain if you use loose hair, use a chain, you have options, the makeup will be something that you decide I advise it to be a soft makeup because if the clothes you chose have already different colors a good way to combine all that is with a rather soft makeup. If you wear this outfit at night, you can put on makeup with more glamorous shades.

You do not have to replicate an outfit of another person, it can be useful for inspiration if, without copying exactly the same thing that someone else already uses, in doing so you create dependency and stress since your brain will make you believe that to see you well It has to be exactly that same outfit. Remember when a person inspires you is something positive, however when you copy something to another person that is not something positive on the contrary that will create lack of identity for yourself, do not fall into that is toxic.

Photo Taken From Pinterest

Number 2

You can follow the protocol that I wrote in set number 1 that way you can add a different color to the shirt as long as that shirt is the same style as in the photograph you can use it for any occasion in which you see appropriate. I mean that you know how to distinguish in what kind of occasion you can use it, surely in almost all it will look good.

The perfect combination of jeans with the basic colors black and white. This set has that formal, fresh and casual touch.

Photo Taken From Pinterest

Number 3

I like this type of dresses I can combine it casual with white tennis classic, I can transform it into elegant with red high shoes, it becomes a classic look.

Photo Taken From Pinterest

Number 4

Wear it with that type of sandals during the day, put a jacket in the evening add platform sandals, change the color of the shirt to a strong color and you can use the type of set of the same type photograph with different style. Awaken your creativity Inspiration is the mold you choose how to mold it.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Number 5

That pant gives you three options to combine it, three colors white, red, and black. You decide which shirt to use you can choose one of those colors and use that same color for the shoes.

Photo taken from pinterest

Number 6

This type dress I love !!! It’s a red ¡Vivo! With details that create a beautiful dress that can be combined with almost any style of shoes, and wear it on almost any occasion.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Number 7

These colorful plaid pants give you many colors to combine this look as something casual can also be used for many other occasions, it can be combined with a long sleeve shirt to the measure of a yellow color of the whole of the pants or a shirt by under a gray, white, or yellow color with a pattern with soft colors.

Number 8

If it’s cold it can also be creative to feel comfortable and not be cold, look good. I like this style of wool or cotton sweater I like it to be colorful because they can be combined with basic clothes.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Number 9

The beautiful dresses the variety of designs do not cease to amaze me, the dresses are something so feminine and sexy is a piece that represents our difference to the opposite sex, I am in favor of feminism but, I do not want that in the fight for our rights, we lose our true essence and what makes us women everything that differentiates us from man and ends up looking like them, the world of women mentally and physically are something completely different what characterizes us, I really like dresses because they make me feel really feminine It is what I am a woman and I am proud to be one.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Number 10

Custom-fit jeans plus a loose t-shirt with a print of whatever you have or like, plus some sexy and casual high shoes in the day, just as sexy and great at night.

Photo taken from Pinterest

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