Take flight

The storm began to listen to the nostalgia of leaving a place that almost all my life I wanted to leave, I got caught. Why do I feel nostalgia for something of which I just want to run away? I did not want to face the moment in which you see all your life in the past, reflect and continue.

The day I made the decision to go away from here was when I realized that I could do it and it was not just a wish for the future it was something I could see and take. Things in this country go down more than what would be the limit, most do not have the ability to go to a better place that part of the majority who leave do not know what awaits them, they just want to see different scenarios a safe place something that give them some positive reason to continue living.

My flight will leave in a few days the crossing seemed a bit tedious but, it made me feel safe. The flight will leave in a few days but I have to leave before here. In those same days of my flight the newspapers announce a possible national strike, which means that in those days nobody will be able to leave the country, the brave ones that intend to continue with their normal lives in those days of national unemployment risk being killed if they decide to go on the road in defiance of the rules that a group of people created in order to pressure the president of the country to leave power they do not want to accept that this country stopped being them for a long time that the only solution here is to go far Maybe nobody is waiting for you in that new place but I swear that the negative things that may arise from a new place do not compare to the uncertainty of living a country under a dictatorship.

I hate not being able to pack with tranquility, not being able to calmly say goodbye to everything that has or had any meaning for me in this monstrous place. I will start from scratch in another distant place, the courage to try it feels more powerful than the feeling of having achieved it. I am not afraid of the unknown, creating it would only stop me, you can not believe that you lost something when you went out to try it from the mud of the bonds that do not let you take a single step. I know that it is difficult to leave everything we know about the unknown, if you want to advance it is a risk that must be taken.

Look at the windows of the car getting wet from rain while thinking about how I felt, I looked at your face you did not seem to worry about the unknown you’re so desperate to want to leave all this place in the past that you do not allow yourself to think about all that you leave behind. You just want to continue living in these new horizons, the ravages of insecurity can chase you wherever you go, you need time to heal. On the same planet earth is where good and bad things happen, if you’re on the good side it’s hard to believe the atrocities that can happen to the same humans elsewhere.

If you are on the wrong side it is also difficult to imagine that in another place the same humans can be immune to everything that torments you in the wrong place. A bad place you do not belong to, you’re good and you only dream of a better place. Everything happens on the same planet earth life is definitely not easy no matter what side you are on, but if you stop to think about which side you are on you will be able to value the good place or you will realize that you have to dedicate your life to get out of it. That bad place you do not belong to, you’re a good person with your own dreams living in the wrong place, the first dream to fulfill is to leave that place.

The place does not have to be something physical, the place can also be a metaphor to be doing something you do not want to do with your life, to be with someone you do not really want to be with, that kind of thing creates a place where you must go out. I have done things that I have repented many of those things I did in my childhood, I should not feel guilt of something I did in a state of innocence that is nothing but ignorance itself, the regret I feel is not having I realized at that moment that I was only a girl and that I should not worry about desperately wanting to grow up.

We are surprised to learn how many people around the world have left everything to travel the world, have changed their lifestyle for another that makes them feel happy, these people did not have the money to feel safe and make the decision to leave everything , all they needed was the courage to make radical decisions and clear a little money to start the long journey with no return date. We can also make radical decisions not precisely to travel the world or change a lifestyle, but decisions to change any little thing we do not want to continue doing.

The writings should not only be about fantasies and motivation the writings should also be about reality, you have to learn from the reality that surrounds you, to be able to think about the opposite of that reality and be able to make reality what you really want. What you really want is not something you can buy, it is not the same as most of us are not like any other that exists or will exist. We are an unrepeatable human when we decide to live following everything that gives us peace, which makes us feel that we are doing well

You can not change what happens around you, everything that influences your misery, you can even be different from all those who pollute your environment and still you will not change anything, but I promise you that the world belongs to you and is so great that if you you allow it you can spend a lifetime looking for a better place where you feel that what you are if it influences that new environment. If you can not find it maybe it is because you still do not know with certainty which is the place you want to find, first dedicate part of your time to visualize that place when you know it, it will be time to take the flight.

photo taken from Pinterest



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