I moved to Mexico🇲🇽

I said until soon, Mexico did not know at that moment that “soon” would literally be a fact. When you know new places and come home, you feel a sense of relief that you are in your home. That was not the feeling I felt when I returned home after being almost half a month in Puebla Mexico. I was sad I felt helpless I did not know what a dignified life was until I was all those days in Puebla.

My country of origin is a country considered third world country, you can imagine what it feels like to know a place that is the opposite of that. Honduras burns in flames not only because of the climate but because of everything that happens daily, in that place you do not live you survive without importing economic levels there is something that everyone has in common there and it is insecurity. You can not plan goals and run towards all of them when you live in a place that does not give you security, there is no freedom.

After returning home my mind was filled with thoughts regarding the two places. Reflect on my life, life in general, I said to myself Why not try? I read about the nomads I removed the fears, I thought about the positive thing that could go wrong? You can not lose anything when you get up from a place in ruins, a place that seems like it can not be worse, and even with the passing of time it surpasses itself in everything bad you can imagine, you have to run away.

The trip was long I wanted many times to live in another country away from everything that did not make me feel alive. It is difficult to make radical decisions, leave everything you know for the unknown that invites you to two things “fail” or “succeed” I feel triumphant here when I feel safe walking the streets, it is incredible the psychological damage left by insecurity and a corrupt government.

I moved to Mexico and I still do not know how it makes me feel it’s like I’m dreaming, I never thought I could move to such a beautiful country. Only those people who have suffered because of a corrupt government and a toxic environment by most people of the place, can understand the change and the enormous happiness of moving to new horizons.

I want to know everything I can about Mexico the time I’m here. A few days of vacation are not enough, this country is so incredible I feel breathing art. It inspires me to make me fly to the highest cloud, I want to absorb everything positive to learn, to know that I put part of my time alive in a new place. To add them to my memories I need new memories, to heal breathing to hear my heart beat my soul thanking me for letting it live.

I want them to be brave to pay attention to the things that really matter. I want you to realize how important it is to live, how important it is to try. Discover who you are and what you want to do with your life, do it soon so you can start living for real. The way to a full and happy life is not to follow patterns of what other people tell you “what your life should be like” it is not about playing safe to what works even when it does not make you feel anything. A happy life is to do everything we want to live under our own rules, not those of anyone else, your life belongs to you, you are the captain of your destiny, do not let insecurity take over your life and make you believe that you are not enough good to try.

The world belongs to you from the day you were born, it is our birth to live and you do not live when you get stuck in what does not make you feel anything. I’m excited I’ve never felt so happy, follow my own decisions is the best thing I’ve done in my life and I would not change it for all the money in the world, I feel liberated I’m a human who lives.

photo taken from Pinterest



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